6 Reasons Why We Can’t Service Or Repair Your Aircon On Sunday For Condos

If you are staying in Singapore and wondering why many air conditioner repair and servicing companies remain closed on Sundays, there are many reasons behind it. In Singapore, there are mainly condos. And due to some rules there are no work permits for servicing of the aircons on Sunday. Thus, we cannot provide you with aircon servicing on Sundays. But this is not the only reason. There are many reasons behind why we cannot provide servicing in condominium on this day.

What Are The Reasons?

Many people wonder what the reasons for no servicing of the aircon for the condominiums. But many people fail to get the actual answer. To break this curiosity here is the answer for you all. There are 6 reasons behind not providing servicing for the condominiums on Sundays and these are –

1. Condo Rules

The first and foremost reason for not servicing air conditioners for condos on the Sundays in Singapore is its rules. There are some policies for everyday condominiums in Singapore and some of them are valid for each and every condominium there. One of them which is added lately is that no air conditioner servicing teams will be allowed inside the premises of condominiums on Sundays. It is a legal policy and that is why there are many reliable and reputed services who do not work on Sundays. Even for this rule, we do not provide services on Sunday. If you are living in a condo you will know the rule and breaking this rule can land you into big trouble as well. So, just for a day we keep the business closed.

2. Weekend

Every business needs at least a holiday. Since Sunday is a weekend celebrated worldwide, we also keep our business closed on this day. Moreover maximum condominiums here in Singapore are allowed to have a servicing on this day. So, we have also declared a holiday for weekends this day. Our company is open 6 days a week but not on Sundays. So, this is one of the reasons why we cannot provide aircon servicing to you on Sundays for the condominiums. No matter how much high fee or rent you pay, you are legally not allowed to carry on any servicing.

3. Official Holiday

Sundays are officially declared as a holiday or weekend all over the world. This day all the employees including experts and technicians who will provide a servicing are on a holiday. Since we are a legally claimed company, we abide by all the rules and regulations set by the housing and commercial sectors. Since this day is officially declared as a holiday for majority of the commercial buildings, business and also no services are allowed in condos, we decided to declare a holiday for servicing of air conditioners on this day.

4. License Does Not Permit

Since we are a legal company with proper and valid license, we have to follow the laws. Our license does not permit working on Sundays in the condos. So, if you are staying in a condo then we cannot provide an aircon servicing to you. We are registered under the government and thus you cannot expect us to break any legal laws and rules set by the government or any governing bodies. It may hamper our image or reputation in the market. We are professional experts who want to work in certain regulations and guidelines. That is the policy of our company and thus we are able to provide services on Sundays.

5. Insurance Not Available

We are an insured company providing aircon servicing all over Singapore. Being insured, we ensure that if any properties and people are damaged or injured respectively during the work, insurance is available to cover it. But since we are registered company, if we work in any condominiums on Sunday for servicing the air condition insurance will not be provided to any loss or damages done to the property or person. This can be a serious issue for the tenants as well as for us. So, we do not provide any servicing of the air conditioners in any condominiums on the Sundays. The insurance policy of Singapore is done in such a way that it will not protect or cover any damages or losses that are occurred during this day. Any reliable and insured air conditioner servicing company will keep these things in mind.

6. Tenants Are Responsible 

In case there is any damage or legal problems caused in the condos while air conditioner is serviced, then the tenant are solely responsible for such losses. Even we can face legal actions and that is why we avoid working on the Sundays. We do not want any kinds of problems related to the legal action for us and tenants. That is why we want to stay away from all the problems related to laws. So, we prefer to abide by all the laws and rules that are set according to the Singapore standard.

So these are basically the 6 reasons why we do not provide air conditioning services for condos in Singapore on the Sundays. Moreover since we are experienced we know that the problems that are faced breaking this law can be really fatal for the clients as well as for the business. It can cause serious injuries, damages and losses without getting any cover from the insurance companies. Thus we do not provide aircon servicing to the people staying in condo in Singapore.


Many people wonder why the companies do not provide services to repair or service the air conditioners on Sundays. These are the main reasons behind this. We understand that air conditioning system can stop working any time a day without any warning. The reasons behind failure of the air conditioners suddenly are too many. But the actual reasons behind not providing services are not always explained by the companies. But we care to explain our customers and clients and let them know the reason behind it. So, thus aircon servicing are not valid in Singapore on Sunday for the people living in condos.

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