Is Aircon Bad For My Electronics?

Is Aircon Bad For My Electronics? We are living in the modern era, which means we are surrounded by advanced digital equipment and facilities. To make life easier we often use various electronic devices and an air conditioner is one of the most important things that we can’t live without.

This is the appliance that is required for cooling the room when the outside is suffering from excessive heat.

However, have you ever thought of the possibility that the aircon in your room can damage other electronic devices? Although the chances are minimal the excessive moisture in the air due to the air conditioner can damage other sensitive electronic devices in the room.

For this, before you buy an aircon, it’s important to know the humidity level of the appliance. Here in this article let’s know more about this topic.

Will aircon damage electronics?

There are low chances of an airconditioner damaging the electronics in the room, but aircon water vapors, and can bring damage.

However, big devices like computers, TV, and laptops can survive the effect of aircon, but smaller ones like audio devices or extremely sensitive ones will suffer through the damage. They will not withstand the moisture whether it’s warm or cool and will get damaged faster than you think.

In here you can ask if air conditioning is good or bad for computers. The answer is there is a very low chance that the electronics will get damaged or get benefits from the aircon in the room. However, the level of humidity determines the type of damage it can cause.

Laptops or computers are not very susceptible to the moisture of the cooling machine, so there will be no visible damage. However, if you keep your aircon on continuously for a week, there might be some issues with the smaller electronic devices.

Will TV be safe in front of an aircon?

You can put the TV facing the air conditioner, but it’s not ideal. The moisture and the cooling temperature from the machine might get inside the television system and damage it. Professionals suggest that you can put your TV inside an AC room, but place it away from the machine.

If the AC is placed high above the wall, then put the TV under it not facing it. This way there will be no harm to the electronic device.

However, you still have to keep the TV a bit away from the AC because these machines sometimes get leaked and drops of water on the TV can make huge damage. If you have a small space in the room, then you can opt for a protective layer over the TV, so the water can never touch the device.

Overall, you can install the TV on both sides of the aircon, but you need to protect the device and its wires from water leakage.

Is the laptop safe in front of the air conditioner?

Is Aircon Bad For My Electronics?

You can always put your laptop in front of the aircon but keep it a bit away from the direct wind blow. This will keep the heat moderate in the computer and make sure to avoid setting the highest temperature. If you place the laptop just in front of the aircon it can damage the device.

However, it’s also important to understand that while you are working with the computer the device will heat up and the aircon air will help cool it.

Moreover, the moisture in the air does little damage to bigger electronic devices, so you won’t have to worry about using a laptop in an AC room as long as you do not place it right in front of the appliance.

What humidity level is unsafe for electronics?

Is Aircon Bad For My Electronics?

If you ever visit a factory you will find the signs of humidity level that are cautioned not to go over 505. This is the perfect range of humidity when you have electronic devices in an AC room.

If the level of humidity surpasses the level of 50 RH it can cause damage to the devices and can create a short circuit in the room as well.

So if you do not want any kind of damage to your electronic devices then keep the humidity in check.

What is the safe humidity level for electronic devices?

Humidity is the level of water vapor present in the air. You need to protect your electronic devices from excessive humidity in the air, just like you save them from water. Fortunately, the humidity level preferred for humans is the same for electronics.

Thus, you can protect the devices from damage and you just have to adjust the room temperature to moderate. It will not harm your health and electronic devices as well.

Ways to protect your electronics in an AC room:

Is Aircon Bad For My Electronics?
  • There are different ways to protect your electronic devices in an airconditioned room.
  • One of the best and the simplest way is to keep the devices safe is when you place the items a bit away from the aircon. If they are away from the appliance at least a few feet away, it will not be able to damage the devices.
  • Check the humidity level in the room, and try to avoid setting it too low or high. Set the level to a moderate one and you will get affordable bills too.
  • You can install a dehumidifier too which will protect the other electronic devices in the room. It can keep the humidity in check and even if you have small space in the room, and you have to put the appliances a bit closer to the aircon, they will not get damaged.
  • Install the air conditioner at top of the wall, this will also protect the electronic devices from harm. Also, the airflow will be the same in the entire room.
  • Aircon brings outside air to cool it, while doing so it brings dust mites and debris. If you keep the external pice closer to the outdoor unit then it can bring better results.

Is Aircon Bad For My Electronics? – Conclusion

Aircon is useful in every house, but it can bring damage to electronic devices only if you place the items in front of it. Try to place the electronic devices a bit away from the machine, and you can protect the other things in the room.

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