Reasons Why You Should Install 5 Ticks Aircon

Reasons Why You Should Install 5 Ticks Aircon. Today, there are several reasons why you should have a 5 ticks aircon. There are many brands on the market today, and one of them is Panasonic. The following are reasons why you should install 5 ticks aircon:

1) Save Money On Electricity Bill

An air-conditioner uses more electricity than any other household appliance because it continuously cools down the room to make it comfortable for occupants. This has always been an inconvenience, especially to those who reside in areas with expensive power costs.

Luckily, the latest models of air-conditioners are packed with energy-saving features that can help you save up to 30% on your electricity bill.

2) 5 Ticks Means More Than Just Cooling

Most air-conditioners on the market today are rated at 1-3 ticks, so unless you want to sweat through summer, it is recommended that you buy an air conditioner with a higher cooling capacity.

A Panasonic air conditioner has a window-type (12000 BTU/h) that can cool down 400 sq ft of space. The unit automatically sets its operating mode depending on location and environmental conditions.

Features of this 5 ticks aircon include auto restart, timer,self-diagnostics, dehumidify function, dry mode, sleep mode, auto swing louver, and many more. This compact design promises comfort and convenience.

3) Keep Your Energy Bills Down If You Plan To Rent Out Your Space For Business Purposes

If you’re running a BPO company, then chances are that you will have conference rooms or training areas that would need air-conditioning units at some point. The size of the unit will depend on the size of the room and the number of people who occupy it.

If you want to save money and still maintain the comfort, look for an energy-efficient 5 ticks aircon since rental costs can often drain your resources especially if you plan to keep the unit on most of the time.

4) Comfortable Living All Year Round

5 ticks models like Panasonic’s type ensure that no matter how hot the weather gets, you’ll always be comfortable. It features a strong yet quiet motor that can dehumidify even during humid seasons.

You can also set it to your preferred temperature to ensure no uncomfortable drafts throughout the day or night.

5) 5 Ticks Air Conditioners Are Designed With Convenience In Mind

The entire unit is controlled digitally for easy access and programming. The remote control gives you full command over all systems so each user may enjoy the utmost comfort according to his or her specific preferences.

And thanks to its compact design, aircon installation is easier than ever before, plus Panasonic promises great product after-sales service should anything go wrong with your device.

6) Save Up On Energy Costs If You’re Running An Office Near Lunchtime

Reasons Why You Should Install 5 Ticks Aircon

Having an air-conditioner in your office can be a blessing, especially during lunchtime when workers tend to flock to the break room. This creates the need for more tables and chairs, plus microwaves or ovens, which all add up to a high electric bill that is often hard on the pockets of business owners.

If you’re running an office near lunchtime, then it’s best to invest in a 5 ticks aircon because it allows programmable cooling so employees can work comfortably even when they take their breaks at home or go out for lunch.

7) Energy-Efficient Models Are Designed With Kids In Mind

Reasons Why You Should Install 5 Ticks Aircon

Whether you have young children, toddlers, or babies at home, Panasonic has been producing 5 ticks air conditioners designed with specific safety features that create a comfortable environment for your kids.

The unit’s whisper-quiet fan with auto swing louver is perfect for day naps without disruptions from air breeze. In addition, the automatic shut-off feature turns the unit off if it tilts, falls, or when it detects water inside its paneling to keep children from getting hurt when playing around it.

8) Always Have An Energy-Efficient And Cooling 5 Ticks Air Conditioner At Home

Reasons Why You Should Install 5 Ticks Aircon

For more than 30 years now, Panasonic has been producing high-quality products that continue to meet today’s needs of consumers.

Many of their innovative inventions like the microprocessor of their Hi-Star room type air conditioners do exactly what they’re supposed to: help you save on energy costs while keeping your home or office at a comfortable temperature.

9) You Can Program Your 5 Ticks Air Conditioner To Meet Your Specific Needs

Reasons Why You Should Install 5 Ticks Aircon

If the unit is in your bedroom, for example, it’s best to set up an automatic timer so you won’t have to worry about powering the aircon off when you go to sleep.

The highest cleanliness ratings are also impressive since its washable pre-filter traps dust and other small particles that may affect how well the device operates.

If you’re running an office where computers play key roles in day-to-day operations, then you’ll love this feature that helps protect internal components of these machines from getting dusty due to circulating materials picked up by the fan.

10) 5 Ticks Room Type Air Conditioners Are Not Expensive

Reasons Why You Should Install 5 Ticks Aircon

They’re even cheaper than most models that have been released recently on the market. Because many consumers still prefer 5 ticks air conditioners, manufacturers find it beneficial to keep its price as low as possible as compared to other types.

And because Panasonic delivers only the best quality products out there, expect your unit to last for more than 10 years or so without needing any repairs or replacements.

11) You Can Easily Monitor Climate Control Conditions With A Remote Control

Reasons Why You Should Install 5 Ticks Aircon

With digital remote control, you can program your 5 ticks air conditioner from any location in your home whether you’re on the sofa watching TV, relaxing at the dining table enjoying dinner, or fast asleep in bed.

But if you’re in the bathroom and suddenly realize that the device is way too hot or cold, simply press a button on your remote to activate its energy-saving mode. This allows the fan to operate only while the compressor shuts down so it doesn’t use up power but remains effective in cooling down your room.

12) Exceptional Product Warranty And Great After-Sales Service

Reasons Why You Should Install 5 Ticks Aircon

Panasonic offers one of the most comprehensive warranty periods for 5 ticks air conditioners so you can be confident with every penny spent for this purchase. And suppose you need any type of repairs or replacements within 30 days after purchase.

In that case, they will provide excellent customer service through their hotline numbers and door-to-door delivery service on top of offering free shipping for some models.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Reasons why you should install 5 ticks aircon is so important for your home. If you want to know more, or if you’d like help installing it on your own property, please contact us today.

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