Toshiba Aircon Review 2020

Toshiba Aircon Review 2020. Toshiba or Toshiba Carrier Corporation is an air conditioner manufacturing company that was established in April 1999 with its headquarters in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan. This company deals in planning, designing, manufacturing, and sales as well as repairs of a wide variety of air conditioning, cooling, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, fixture, hot water equipment, control systems and compressor for the residential as well as commercial units.

Review of some of the Toshiba air conditioners manufactured by Toshiba

Toshiba produces a wide variety of air conditioners for residential and commercial users. A brief review of some of the Toshiba aircon in 2020 is provided hereunder for your consideration.

An air conditioner with a single split system


The Inverter Hi-Wall Split system introduced by Toshiba in their air conditioner has some of the very amazing features that everyone will like. There are two models in aircon with a single split system:

Toshiba N3 Series: This model has been designed to provide the best comfort as it provided an optimum flow of cool air while working quietly. It allows you to breathe in clean air with the help of its advanced filtration system. It is available in 2kW and 7kW power options to allow you to use it throughout the year as per your requirement.

Toshiba AC with Inverter Hi-Wall Split System: This model is available in 8kW and 10kW models to use it as a good alternative to N3 series due to some of its features. It includes a built-in controller and a follow-me sensor. It can not only reduce humidity effectively with its self-cleaning function but also provide you effectively clean air to breathe in.

Multi-split system


Toshiba air conditioners with multi-split systems can help you in enjoying cool air in different rooms simultaneously and individually. Its single outdoor unit will allow you to operate indoor units in two-five rooms. In this way, you can minimize the consumption of power by using their different models with a multi-split system like:

Inverter Hi-Wall: This model of Toshiba multi-split ACs is known as a modestly and tactfully built model that has an extremely low level of noise that can fit in any décor easily. It purifies the air effectively and is highly energy efficient. It is very convenient for its users due to its self-cleaning and auto diagnosis features. It can be the best Toshiba air conditioners for you if you have a larger space to cool down. It consumes 2.5kW power while cooling your home with at least two indoor units.

Inverter ducted: According to Toshiba this type of multi-split ACs can be used and controlled round the year more comfortably and reliably as it produces the least noise as compared to inverter ACs of other brands

Inverter Cassette: The Toshiba aircon of this kind is easy to install and maintain. It has a four-way slim cassette with a standard grid of 600mm x 600mm size. It can be used to share cool air in three rooms simultaneously as the dimension and weight of all the units are the same. Y need not purchase another AC to cool down two other rooms along with your living room. You can also use it to cool a larger space effectively.


Inverter Console: The air conditioners of this type are suitable for small spaces as they can be installed at a lower height on the walls or the floors. According to Toshiba, you can install it in a low attic or under the sill of your window. The bi-flow feature of these air conditioners allows you to have personalized follow of cool air in two places through their two outlets. You can also keep it safe from your children and deodorize your place through its child loc and deodorizing system.

Multi-split outdoor units: Toshiba has also produced multi-split inverter air conditioners with multiple units in the outdoor. These lightweight units have DC hybrid inverter from Toshiba to improve their reliability and performance, as claimed by the company. The multi-split systems of Toshiba manage the temperature more precisely and faster, due to their DC compressors, as compared to the systems with fixed speed from other brands.

In this way, Toshiba offers a wide variety of single split system units as well as multi-split system units to choose from according to your requirements. They allow you to pair your outdoor units with some of your indoor units to manage the temperature inside your room.

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