Types of Aircon Installation in Singapore (Updated)

There is so much about aircon installation types that a homeowner needs to know before making up their mind to purchase one. In black and white, ignorance is what leads to misuse and malfunction of this unit, hence their ineffectiveness. You may need professional help since the choices in the current market are overwhelming.

Here is an excellent guide to the types of air conditioner installations available in Singapore.

1. Mini-split Air Conditioning Installation System

Mini-split Air Conditioning
Mini-split Air Conditioning

Sometimes referred to as a ductless system, this type is fit for areas in the house that are retrofitted. Ductless systems have provisions for an indoor handling unit and an outdoor condenser or compressor. This type is perfect for cooling separate rooms in the house, so if you intend to have it in that direction, it will not disappoint.

A good number of these systems are designed to have up to four indoor handling units, and all of them are connected to the outdoor unit. For each zone, there is a thermostat. Convenience is guaranteed here because one can adjust the temperatures of their room to their preference without altering the entire house’s setting. Cooling or heating up a particular residence place becomes an easy task to do without causing any interference.

2. Portable Air Conditioning Installation Systems

In the time to come, portable aircon systems will be mandatory in window units. How does this one work? The system takes in the air randomly in the room into the air conditioner, and it undergoes cooling. The cooled air is then redirected to the same place. Excess air vents outside the rooms through an installed hose that acts as an exhaust passage and is connected in the window.

Portable air conditioning systems are meant to cool only one room. If you have several windows in one place, you can choose one window positioned and have this system installed there. Setting it up is easy. Moreover, they come in different sizes, and their versatility is something to die for any time. Their cost is affordable, depending on the size you intend to purchase. 

3. Central Air Conditioning Installation Systems

Central Air Conditioning
Central Air Conditioning

Research has it that this is among the most familiar cooling system types. Mostly, it is recommended for large rooms because its cooling ability is highly efficient. Usually fitted with return and supply ducts, these central air conditioning systems are meant to use these passages to circulate cold air into the room. Registers and supply ducts are pre-installed in the home’s floors and walls and are the ones that carry cooled air into the house.

Cold air in the atmosphere becomes warm and is pushed into the registers and supply ducts and forced into the air conditioner unit where it undergoes cooling. The air in this system takes a circular motion throughout.

One needs to be keen when installing this particular type of aircon because the room’s size is the determinant of the effectiveness of this air conditioning system. Doing the wrong size in the wrong sized room will eat into your utility bills because of high energy consumption.

4. Window Air Conditioning Installation System

Window aircon systems are installed in windows. They appear compact and easy to set up. It works by one unit for one window. This means that this type of system will only cool one room. 

You may be wondering how it works. Cooling a room is done by the unit taking in random air, cooling it, and blows the cooled air into the room while warm air is pushed towards the outside of the window through an exhaust hose. The window air conditioner is the best type of aircon installation system for individuals living in smaller rooms. It is highly efficient when the room’s size is smaller as compared to when it is big.

Window Air Conditioning
Window Air Conditioning

5. Geothermal Air Conditioning Installation Systems

These systems are convenient, reliable, and their lifespan is longer than any other installation type. Usually, temperatures under the ground are high and almost constant at about 55 degrees regardless of the atmosphere’s air saturation. A geothermal aircon system extracts warm air and heats it, then directs it into the home. A geothermal well, coil, or loop is directed deep into the ground and can be used to cool or heat your home as per your preference.

This could be expensive to set up and needs professional advice and know for installation and functionality. Much of the installation will depend on your geographical location. If it cannot be done at your home, there are other reliable options to choose from.

6. Hybrid Air Conditioning Installation System

Hybrid means something is a combination of two varieties, and the result is a highly effective and productive aftermath compared to the two used. The hybrid air conditioning system alternates between using electricity and fuel from fossils to operate. The unit has an automated way of choosing which one to run on to save on utility bills and energy. This means you have a choice when things get bad financially.

The heat pumps absorb heat from home into the unit and redirect the warm air outside to cool the room. However, this type of installation is not used by many people although it works effectively and is cost relieving. 

Now that you are informed of the types of aircon installation system, you can determine which one will be favorable for your home. External factors like cost of purchase and installation, geographical location, the position of the house and rooms, and other factors must be considered to ensure your home is comfortable to stay in for both human beings and pets. Remember that installation isn’t the end of it all.

These air conditioning systems need to be appropriately maintained and servicing to prolong their lifespan and relieve you from extra damages like water leakages that destroy walls and ceilings and the high cost of repair. Clean and healthy hair is essential for your general fitness and well-being. Do it right!

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