7 Aircon Maintenance Tips

An air conditioner coils, filters and fins need frequent maintenance for the equipment to perform properly on the whole of its years of service. Ignoring required maintenance make sure a constant decline in air conditioner function when energy usage consistently raises. An air conditioner which is not cold is not simply unpleasant, but can be a solid sign that your is outstanding for a routine servicing. Just lookout the air conditioner issues experienced in Singapore and certain easy maintenance tips you can do it on your own.

The most necessary maintenance work which will ensure the operation of your system is to regularly replace or clean the filters. Blocked, dirty filters block usual airflow and also decrease a unit’s efficiency greatly. With usual airflow blocked, air that by passes the device filter may take dirt straightly in to the evaporator coil and repair the heat absorbing ability . Replacing a clogged filter by getting a clean one can reduce the energy consumption by five to fifteen percent. Filters are usually placed somewhere on the return duct’s length. Normal filter locations are in ceilings, walls, or furnaces. Few kinds of filters are reusable and some should be replaced. They are found in different kinds as well as efficient .Clean or replace the filter at the cooling season. They may require lot of regular attention if the system is in consistent use, is borne to dusty conditions.

Condenser coil:

The system’s condenser coil as well as evaporator coil collect dirt on the months of service. A pure filter avoids the coil from soiling fast. But the coil will still get dirt. It decreases airflow and insulates the evaporator coil, lessening the ability to absorb heat. So check the evaporator coil and clean it when required. Outdoor coils can turn dirty if the surrounding is dusty or if there is any foliage close to that. You should reduce debris and dirt close the condenser device.

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Clean the area:
Your falling leaves, drying vents as well as lawn mower are possible sources of debris and dirt. Cleaning the area, debris and trimming foliage back minimum two feet let for necessary airflow on the condenser. The aluminium fins on the condenser and evaporator coils are bent and can obstruct airflow by the coil. You will get a fin comb in the whole sale store which will comb the fins in the normal condition. Rarely pass a stiff wire by the device drain channels. Blocked drain channels avoid a system from decreasing humidity and the leading additional moisture may discolour carpet or wall. At the beginning of every cooling time, check the seal between the window frame and the equipment to make sure it creates contact with the metal case of the unit. Moisture can spoil the seal, permitting cool air to escape from the house. In the winter season, cover the room or eliminate and store it.

Fuses maintenance check:

Covering the exterior unit of a system will guard the device from winter climate and debris. If your device requires over routine maintenance, get a Singapore professional service man. A knowledgeable technician will find and solve the issue in the system. Issues with the disconnect box can provide an aircon which does not supply air at the proper temperature. To check the two fuses in the box, you need a multimeter and few amateur electricity knowledge. Even though this work can be done by the service technician , certain people like to avail a professional one because they are concerned regarding works that involve dealing with electricity. If you stay in a ground or landed floor residence in Singapore training grass , weeds or plants grow, fast blocking the outside system. Without mowing it regularly, it is simple for the undergrowth to begin impacting the performance of the unit.

Life span of the system:

Maintaining the exterior design free from detritus, weeds will improve the lifespan of the device. It needs no special tools and can be undertaken easily. Several parts of the equipment can be cleaned and kept without aircon serving help, parts like compressor need the services of a professional technician who knows what he is performing. If you doing the aircon maintenance works and still experience any problems like your aircon is cold, noisy aircon, aircon blowing warm air, it is a right time to get help from a reliable aircon servicing firm which contains the proper skills to obtain the work performed. Aircon servicing technicians are experts in the air conditioner servicing field. They are professional in maintenance, servicing and repairs of several different models and makes. But you have to careful while hiring a servicing technician to fix your air conditioner problem. You have to check whether he is reliable, trained and knowledgeable to do the work properly.

Hire a professional:

The technician must verify for proper amount of refrigerant, check for leaks availing a leak detector, test for and seal leakage in the ducts in central systems, take any refrigerant which should be evacuated from the unit, rather than illegally producing it to the surrounding, check the proper electric control sequence and ensure that the heating mechanism and cooling mechanism cannot work at the same time. Measure airflow by the evaporator coil, oil motors and verify belts for wear and tightness, test electric terminals, clean if there is any dirt or dust and tighten connections and use a non conductive coating when needed and verify the accuracy of the thermostat.


With aircon you can be relaxed that assistance is not very distant. Their 24/7 helpline and services is found throughout the year, make sure that you are always have a professional to offer expert guidance and quick assistance, regardless it is day or night. Guaranteed response times shows that a qualified aircon engineer will be in your place in no time, hence optimizing the system’s uptime. The service plans provide a best preventative maintenance remedy to enhance unit resilience and raise the lifespan of your device. Planned maintenance not only helps in avoiding system breakdown in business atmosphere but also assists to develop energy efficiency and improve system maximization for enhanced function. Different types of plans are available to help you in aircon ,choose the one that is best suitable for you.

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