Air Con Services Before CNY

Before the Chinese New Year Celebrations kick off, one of the key preparations to this anticipatory event is to ensure your air conditioning system is in check. You wouldn’t want your guests fanning themselves nor stepping out for some fresh air, would you? In Singapore, it is considered vital to service your aircon for its effectiveness. With the large number of friends about to show up at your door to mark the auspicious moment; don’t hesitate to call for an expert to save you from what could be a party-gone-wrong’ incident due to stuffy air arising from a faulty aircon.

Why should you consider the aircon services?
Money saving

A stitch in time saves nine. The big day will for sure cost lots of money to make it unforgettable. So would you dare add to the cost by bringing in another budget of a broken aircon? It is best to prepare early so that the day ends successfully with no hitch experienced at all. Repairing the aircon will automatically redeem you from buying expensive replacements due to negligence. This way, a longer life of the system is guaranteed and the money which could be spent on replacing is used on something else productive like buying more foods and drinks for the celebration.

For efficiency

Early servicing is a sign of the event pulling through without having to go through any shortcoming with the aircon. A good specialist will go through the necessary steps of seeing to it that every part of the equipment is working. Doing so means a great time indoors with you and your family and friends. This calls for a lively moment since the arena has all the qualities needed for a party to be a success with no problem such as humid air arising.

For safe purposes

A good conditioner also enhances good health all through the holiday. It has been scientifically proven that impure air can promote a good habitat for disease causing organisms. Clean and safe air is a clear indication of sanitation since it drives away bacteria. Therefore, waste no chance in case of a malfunctioning aircon system. It will not only prove to be of much help during the cny but also the rest of the days spent in your house. A working aircon is an assurance of cool and refreshing air that is safe to inhale.

A relaxed mind

Knowing that there wouldn’t be any shortcoming in the festival is a great encouragement to live up to the moment. It would be such a shame to bring the party to a halt because the aircon wouldn’t function as expected. It is supposed to keep the place cool and friendly even if the outside temperature is above the optimum temperature. Repairing it before the big day is a clear indication of early preparedness. Taking care of it assures one of efficiency and effectiveness hence the equipment serves its desired purpose in your household for a long period.

A long life

During the festive season, repairing it also ensures that the aircon goes for a longer time than expected. This will only be made possible with continuous repairing so that it doesn’t have to short live its durability. Work on all the parts of the system because once one of the parts fails to function, the labor is put on the remaining parts and this way, pressure mounts which in the end will declare all the parts not functioning. In the end, you will be required to get a replacement for the whole system which is way more costly than maintaining it. However, for all the above to be experienced, below are the tips that should be taken into consideration while buckling up for a great ceremony ahead;

Dust the aircon filters

Usually, the air conditioners collect dust and other particles as it tries to filter the air separating the clean and cool air from the impure air. Cleaning the filters ensures that clean air will continuously flood your atmosphere since it is the most important part of the air conditioner. The equipment is exposed to various clogging particles since it is on the exterior of the house.


This ensures that any leak is attended to before it causes more damage. The best way to affirm this is to check every part of the aircon. Once sure that there is no leak, turn it on and if it doesn’t work as it should, there is a high probability that the Freon leak is the main cause for its inefficiency. The next step is to seek help from a service agent to sort out the issue. This is one of the ways of making it last longer.

Set up a date for regular check up of the aircon

This is another great tip to make your aircon functioning all through the year and not just during the cny. Have an expert come through to your place to regularly service your machine so that it doesn’t have to stop its work due to abnormality. Continuous check up keeps the device in shape for a cool temperature the whole time. This will even make your stay a great one since nothing is inconveniencing you during your relaxation mode. You will even get to know how well your machine is working because of the efforts you are putting in to see to it that it is inspected wholly.

Aircon sealing

During installation, there is a seal that is put in place between the conditioner and the window to ensure that it stays in place. But with time, it seems to wear out due to the harsh environmental conditions like moisture which will in turn make it not work. To avoid this, you should always replace it once the former one loosens. Failure to do so will take much of your money trying to turn on the conditioner every time so as to be comfortable in your apartment. It is better to replace since it isn’t that much of a task and will even make your CNY party easygoing with no constraints attached.

It is never that hard to do it yourself so as to ensure that your interior’s air is stabilized to the benefit of your guests. It will also motivate them to have a great time without grumbling for lack of fresh air to enjoy the moment; take the necessary action and the rest will be a walk in the park.

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