What Types Of Aircon Are Suitable For Office Use?

Aircon’s are commonly used in commercial properties like shops, cafes and other public spaces. Aside from this public spaces, aircon’s are also essential in small and large offices. Office workers will not be able to work effectively if their workplace has no air conditioning system. To meet this need for air conditioning systems, owners of offices must set up different air conditioning systems that have diverse cooling and heating properties. 

Aircon’s have many styles so you need to know first what type of aircon you need before you decide to buy an aircon. Also, you will need to consider the type of air conditioning system that will be best for your office. Below is the list of some of the types of aircons that are suitable for office use.

1. Split system air conditioning
The single splits are the cheapest type of aircon that you can use in your office. It is also suitable to other small commercial buildings. The great thing about the split system air conditioning is that it provides cooling and heating to individual areas or rooms in the office. This is also the reason why shops, cafes and many server rooms use split system air air conditioning. You will surely save a lot of money because it will greatly reduce your electricity consumption. Moreover, it will be cheaper to install this kind of aircon system compared to other aircon systems. Each system will also be self-contained so if ever one unit breaks down, the other units will still be functional. The split system aircon is really the cheapest, most effective and energy-efficient aircon system that is perfect for your office. The only disadvantage of having this split system air conditioning is that you will need more external space to have one outdoor aircon for every indoor unit of aircon.

2. Multi-split air conditioning system

The multi-split air conditioning system is actually very similar with the single split air conditioning system. Depending on the type of model of this aircon, you will be able to connect around nine indoor units to just one outdoor unit which will really save you a lot of space for other areas of your office. The multi-split air conditioning system is commonly used in office, restaurants, shops and doctor’s rooms. It will always be preferable for this aircon system to use fewer outdoor units in order to save outdoor space. If you lack space in your office, you can still preserve the external appearance of your building by reducing the number of outdoor units in your offices. This is the main reason why using the multi-split air conditioning system is more advantageous than using the split air conditioning system. 

In addition, if you will use the multi-split air conditioning system, you will not be limited from having just one type of indoor unit. In fact, you can get combinations of indoor units such as ceiling-mounted air conditioning units and wall air conditioning units. It will also be nice if you will put a beautiful curtain for these aircon units. 

3. VRV or VRF air conditioning system

The VRF stands for variable refrigerant flow and the VRV stands for variable refrigerant volume. This two terms actually have the same meaning so you should not be confused. It was the company Daikin which originally developed the VRV technology. The term VRV was protected by the company because it was the one to discover it so other businessmen just used the term VRF for them not to violate the restriction. 

The VRV or VRF air conditioning system is actually the best solution for medium and large applications which include large offices, retail spaces, mixed-use buildings and hotels. The use of this air conditioning system is really reliable, easy to control, extremely efficient, capable of giving larger cooling and heating requirements in very large places and many other more. The popularity of this aircon system first started in first world countries but third world countries now have this kind of aircon system.

Heat recovery and heat pump are the two types opf the VRV or VRF aircon system. The heat pump of this aircon system can provide cooling and heating to large buildings at all times of the day which is very ideal for open plan areas. While the heat recovery of this aircon system is very capable of giving simultaneous cooling and heating to different areas of large buildings and offices at the same time. This heat recovery property makes this system perfect for large offices with lots of individual offices. Lastly, this commercial air conditioning system can recover the waste heat from the building which can be used to provide heat to the individual rooms in your large office. Controlling the heat recovery system is very easy and flexible because you can quickly adjust the temperature of the individual rooms in your office. 

4. Cassette air conditioning system

The cassette air conditioning system is also effective in saving space in your office. These air conditioners have a cassette-like shapes and they can be installed on ceilings. The panels of this aircon system is particularly designed to blend with all kinds of office decor. These aircon’s are stylish and are known for being able to deliver fantastic performances. Most of the cassette air conditioners now require no ducting. Small offices and shops commonly use this type of aircon system because this saves them from installing big and expensive aircon’s in their area. Also, the cool air that this aircon system can give will already be sufficient to supply the needs of around 10 to 15 persons who are staying in one small office. 

Indeed, aircon’s are necessary to be installed in offices in order to ensure that the very hot or cold weather outside the office will not be able to affect the good performance of workers. There are many types of aircon’s that can be placed in your office. You just need to know the properties and needs of your office for you to choose the best type of aircon for your office. So choose one type of aircon now and enjoy the nice temperature that it can give to your office.

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