DIY Vs Professional Air Conditioner Repair In Singapore

Air Conditioners are probably one of the most satisfying appliances that were brought to us in the modern age and are now a part of nearly every other household. Benefits of having a home that is climate controlled, especially in the summer, are now being realized by more and more homeowners. However, the more common air conditioners are becoming the more common it is becoming for homeowners to ponder over whether they should undertake air conditioning repair themselves or hire a professional AC repair technician.

Do It Yourself Central AC Repair
Homeowners of today are rarely prepared to undertake most AC repair tasks on their own, since only trained technicians possess the specialized equipment and knowledge that is required. However, there are a couple of things that homeowners can check themselves in an effort to bringing their air conditioner back in working condition. For instance:
= The breaker and fuse can be checked if the compressor does not turn on.
= The refrigerant might be low it the compressor runs but does not cool, in which case a service professional will have to be called.
= Condenser coils often get dirty on both sides, so they should be brushed and vacuumed at least twice a season.
= If the AC is cooling only partially or is not performing efficiently, the condenser and/or the filter might be dirty.
= Leaking water at the furnace is usually a sign that the evaporator coil pan has a clogged drainpipe. The pipe should be checked and cleared if there is a clog.

Hire A Professional For Air Conditioning Repair

When it comes to AC repair, there are very limited things that can be done by homeowners on their own, without any professional help. Generally, a problem is beyond the scope of a do-it-yourself, and once this has been determined, it should be apparent that only a pro can help. However, before giving a professional technician a call, certain things should be considered. The best time to get a central AC repaired is when summer is about to arrive and the weather is not hot yet. The summer months are busy months for AC repair technicians, and the high demand for the services can make it difficult to get a hold of one. 

A convenient appointment time can be decided after speaking with an AC technician when cooling season has not started yet and money can also be saved. Moreover, homeowners will be prepared to combat the heat when summer finally arrives. Homeowners can also ensure that their central AC functions at peak performance by calling a professional technician for AC inspection every year. Since it often takes time for certain AC problems to become apparent, so often these are not noticed until the air conditioner breaks down in the middle of summer, leaving homeowners sweaty and worried. Any existing problems will be identified if an AC unit is inspected by a technician every year, which will also save money since those problems will be diagnosed and nipped in the bud before getting more severe.

How To Find Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Service?

People should never trust just about anyone to get their malfunctioning air conditioner fixed, not only because it is an expensive device but also because they essentially need to use it in the hot season. Most people are not even sure what defines a quality air conditioner repair service, and often they do not have the ability of determining whether an AC repairman is telling the truth or fooling around. People who want to go for the right air conditioning repair technician in Singapore, they should pay close attention to how reputable and reliable they are. People in search of quality technicians to repair their air conditioner should consult their friends and family members. This way, they might get recommendations to a good and dependable company that could send over a technician to repair their AC.


People should always find out how long the air conditioning repair company or technician has been in the company, and references should also be asked before selecting an air conditioner repair service. If most of the previous customers seem to be satisfied with the service, then there is no doubt that the company is reliable, and it would surely be worth getting the AC repaired by them.

Specialized AC Repair Equipment

People must be aware that special equipment is required to perform repairs in an air conditioner. Therefore, they make sure that the air conditioning repair technician coming over to their place is carrying such equipment. If their air conditioner is much older than people should make sure that the technician is not repairing it incorrectly. Whether the technician has come to repair an old air conditioner, or a new one, ensuring that they are using the correct tools and have a proper license to handle air conditioning gasses is important too.

Qualified & Trained

A truly capable and competent air conditioning repair technician in Singapore must also be experienced enough to be able to repair any kind of faults and problems in an air conditioner that is not functioning appropriately. Truly reliable AC technicians might even be able to recommend people, whether it is advisable for them to get their air conditioner further repaired, or that they should instead be installing a new AC. As long as people want to get the best outcome with the repairs that need to be performed in their air conditioner, they should make sure that they are hiring experienced and reliable AC repair technicians.

Does Your AC Even Needs To Be Repaired?

Often people might not realize that their air conditioner might not even have to be repaired. In fact, people can even avoid frequent repairs and increase their life of their air conditioners by regularly switching the air filter inside. Inspecting the air filter is important before people hire someone to get their AC repaired. They might learn that the air filter is simply too dusty causing the air conditioner not to function properly. In such cases cleaning the air filter or switching it with a new one will conveniently solve the problem. So for moments when an AC really needs to be repaired, keeping these basic tips in mind will help them find a reliable air conditioning repair service in Singapore.


The bottom line is that in summer, nobody wants to go without their air conditioning. This means that if their air conditioner has malfunctioned and they feel like they are going to melt, then homeowners should not hesitate in contact a professional technician for air conditioning repair. There is no point in pondering when they cannot do the repairing themselves.

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