Guide On Purchasing And Installing Air Conditioners

Air conditioner play a big role in making the rooms habitable. They are able to turn extreme hot room temperatures in the room to cool and make you feel like you are enjoying the coastal breeze. Buying an air conditioner is not a matter of walking into a shop and come out with the AC, it requires due diligence. This is because many home owners have ended up making big mistakes as a result of buying wrong air conditioners.

Regardless of the type of air conditioner that you are purchasing, ensure that you are getting the real value for your money. Buy something that will deliver beyond your expectations. With this guide, you will be able to purchase the right air conditioner in your home and install it in the right way.

Size of the unit

The size of the room that you want to cool will determine the size of an air conditioning unit. In fact the size of the device should be the first thing that you should look into before checking on other aspects such as price and specifications. Do not be duped into purchasing a bigger unit thinking that it will deliver best results. Yes, it is true that size does matter but this is not always the case. However, bigger does not always translate to a better system. You can still manage to circulate high quality air with a smaller unit.
These rating are found on the package of the unit so you can easily check and choose a unit that will fit in your house. Obviously a too small air conditioner will not cool the room to the expected levels while a proportionally big unit will make the room to feel damp. Other factors that will help you to determine the size of an air conditioner are the height of ceiling, height of where it will be placed and the size of windows.

Energy efficiency

You need to buy an air conditioner that can go well with your monthly expenditure versus the output that you will be getting from it. The unit should be able to conserve or use energy in a conservative way so that at the end of the day you don’t get shocked by the new electrical bills. You can know energy efficiency of an air conditioner by checking its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The higher, the better for you. You don’t have to do complex calculations so as to know energy label of the unit, just check on the labels that come with the package.

Mode of control

Your air conditioner should give you an easy time. You should not be stressed on how to control it or how to navigate about with its features. Choose a unit that has friendly control features. Purchase a fan that has different levels of speeds through which you can adjust. It should allow you to adjust it to your maximum comfort and this should be implemented without straining. Multispeed fans score highly when it comes to providing such levels of comfort. These fans also allow you to set adjust to quieter operations making them perfect for bedrooms. A good air conditioner should also have digital control system which allows one to choose exact temperatures. 

Such control systems also have a timer which you can schedule to turn the power on or off. The location of controls also matters. Most of the conditioners have controls that are located on the top, bottom or sides. Those whose controls are located on the top are easier to handle as they are easily accessible especially when installed on the window at the waist level. If you would like to install your air conditioner through the wall, then go for one that has bottom controls. You can still get an air conditioner that has super control mode, the TV-style remote controls. With these, everything can be done from the comfort of your bed. Check the control feature while still in the store and test it from different positions. Others have touchpad controls from which you can perform any action that you want.


One factor that you cannot ignore about air conditioner is noise levels. There are some units that are very noisy and you cannot attempt to install them in sensitive rooms such as bedroom and study room. You cannot attempt setting such units at their highest peak because of the noise that they will make. If you plan to control heat in your bedroom go for a unit that is less noisy.

Install it correctly

Correct installation is what will determine the final performance of the unit, Good news is that most of the air conditioners come with full guidelines on how to install them. Before you make the final purchase, measure the width and the height of the window that the appliance will go in. After that you can check on the dimensions of the unit as specified on its package. You will have an easier time installing air conditioners that have a slide out chasis. With this model, you will only need to slide it into position.
Sometimes doing the installation can be quite a complex process and you may have to chip in expert help. Do not hesitate as by doing so, you will save more time and you won’t be stressed about messing around with the process. Just contact local contractors in your area and they will help you with everything about installation and maintenance of air conditioners.

Filter location

Air conditioner needs regular cleaning as this will help to optimize its level of performance. Check on the location of the filter and ensure that it is conveniently located so that you can access and clean it with much ease.

The final aspect of the appliance that you should check is the product’s warranty. As expected, go for an air conditioner that has longer warranty.

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