How Aircon Services Providers Help You in Aircon Maintenance

When your air conditioning unit is not providing you a comfortable environment to live or work in Singapore then there must be some problem in it. In such condition, it is better to call a reliable aircon service provider for the maintenance of your aircon instead of trying it yourself. Hiring a professional aircon maintenance service can offer various types of benefits including the benefit of knowledge and experience of the specialists etc.

A reputed aircon service provider can help in aircon maintenance in the following ways:

24/7 services:
 If you have hired a reputed and reliable service provider then you can get aircon maintenance services round the clock. They will ensure that your aircon work properly every time. They will regularly inspect your aircon one or two times every year so that you can enjoy its benefits throughout the year in any weather condition.

Ensure good working of your unit: 
You can be sure about the good condition of your aircon by hiring a reliable aircon maintenance service on regular basis. They can help you in maintaining your air conditioning unit on the basis of their knowledge and experience. You may not be able to do it yourself unless you have some practical experience in this regard. If you are unable to maintain your aircon yourself then the risk of major fault can increase which may cost you heavily.

Clean filters: 
The service provider you hire for aircon maintenance will clean its dirty and clogged filters as it can affect the overall working of the unit along with increasing the consumption of energy. The filter of your aircon should be cleaned or replaced, with the help of the service provider, at least two times in a year to ensure its proper working.

Your service provider will remove the filters from the indoor unit of your aircon to clean them. He will flip open the front grille of its indoor unit to remove two small panels of mesh that filter the air coming into your room. They protect you from the airborne allergens and dust particles that can affect your health if inhaled without filtering them. For this reason, the filters of your aircon get clogged with dirt and dust along with other airborne impurities which makes it necessary to clean them regularly and frequently. He can also flip the side of the filters to clean them more easily. Otherwise, they can take these panels out of the front grille of the aircon to clean them with the help of a brush or a vacuum. However, while removing them from their frame you should be careful as dust and grime on them should not dislodge in your home.

Improve efficiency:
 The efficiency of your air conditioning unit deteriorates at the rate of 5% every year if it is not maintained properly. Your aircon maintenance service provider will tune up your unit on regular basis to maintain its efficiency level consistently. It will help your aircon to maintain the temperature in your office or home as per your requirement.

In order to improve the efficiency of your aircon your aircon maintenance service provider will clean its condenser coils as well as fan coil of the indoor unit.

Cleaning the condenser coils

While cleaning the condenser of your aircon your service provider will first of all turn off your air conditioning unit. It is a precautionary step to avoid any untoward condition while cleaning its condenser coils in the outdoor unit of your aircon. He will ensure that no electric current is running through the outdoor unit while working on it. Then he will remove the outer casing of the unit just by using a screwdriver or some other similar tool to access the condenser coils of the air conditioner. He can also remove some other components if they are obstructing to locate the condenser coils.

Before removing the dirt caked on the condenser coils he will use a stiff brush to remove the loose layer of grime or dust. After removing the thick layer of caked dirt he will use an appropriate cleaning solution to clean condenser coils and after 10-15 minutes he will spray water on them to rinse them thoroughly. While cleaning condenser coils your service provider will also check the fins of the coil, if any of them is damaged or bent. He will use a fin comb to straighten the fins to improve the effectiveness of the condenser unit.

Cleaning the fan coil of the indoor unit

The fan coil of the indoor unit of your air conditioner helps in blowing the cool air in the room it is installed. So, it should be cleaned to ensure proper flow of cool air in the room to maintain its temperature at the required level. However, to clean fan coil your service provider will have to use a screwdriver like a tool to dismount the chassis of the indoor unit.

It will be easier to clean the fan coil by spraying a suitable cleaning agent, once he gains access to it. He will rinse it with warm water after leaving the cleaning solution on it for a few minutes. He will spray water on the coil unless all the solution is removed from the coil. But you can check that excessive water is not used for this purpose. After rinsing the fan coil thoroughly, he will leave it for some time to allow it to dry to some extent before installing it back into the chassis of the indoor unit of your aircon.

Value of money:
 By maintaining the condition of your aircon regularly your aircon service provider will help you in getting the value of the money you have spent on your cooling system. So it is important for you to find a reliable aircon service provider in Singapore for the regular maintenance of your air conditioning system.

Thus, an aircon maintenance service provider in Singapore can help you in improving the performance of your air conditioning unit. Its maintenance by a professional service provider is necessary to give the best care to your air conditioner along with increasing its efficiency and lifespan to a considerable level.

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