The Importance Of Proper Aircon Installation

As temperature soars in practically every country in the world, places like Singapore often have it worse. With no winter or spring to speak of, the summers in Singapore become unbearably hot and the rainy season seems to be warmer than usual. This is why now more than ever, air conditioners have become an important unit in all homes. To batter the summer heat, air conditioners are used as often as possible to keep people comfortable and functional.

Unfortunately, air conditioners are nothing like fans. You can’t just pick one up from the store, plug it in and turn it on. To make the most out of air conditioners, it is important to install them properly. Here are some of the benefits of correctly installing an air conditioner.

Determine Best Type of AC

There are currently several types of AC in the market starting with the old-school box type models. These box types are often fitted into an open portion of the wall so that the exhaust portion is outside. Other types are two-piece in that there are two units which must be installed together. Others are stand-alone. A professional AC installation usually involves determination of what type of unit would work best in your particular home based on the architecture of the house.

Estimate of AC Capacity

There is also the process of determining the capacity of the AC. Simply put, will you AC keep the room cool? Professionals have a fairly complicated mathematical process for this, allowing them to determine if you’re purchased the right-sized AC for the room you want.

Determine Best Location

Professionals can also help determine the best location of the AC. The question usually answered here is: where can you put the AC so that a large portion of the room is made cool as quickly as possible?

Air Flow

There is also the issue of air flow which can determine how much power your AC will be using. Improper installation can block the air flow to and from the AC, which means that your unit will have to use more power in order to get the results you want. Leaky ducts and blockages are common problems which can be attributed to improper air conditioner installation.

Water Duct

There is also the issue of where the water goes and how to properly dispose of it. Most air conditioners spit out water on the back of the machine which must be disposed of properly. Although some homeowners have no problem allowing this to drip to the ground, this is not always a possibility for other users. For example, what if the air conditioner is on the 5th floor terraced condominium? Professional installation can device methods on how to dispose of the waste water without having to disturb the neighbours.

Right Tools

Also note that AC’s do not come with all the materials needed to install it. Chances are you will have to purchase materials to pursue the installation. Unfortunately, ACs is not like your typical plumbing problems. Drainage pipes, wire insulations, wire cables and various other materials must be purchased with a fairly good idea of what you need and how many you’ll be using. Only professionals are capable of doing this, especially since there are dozens of AC brands and models today. While you may have a hard time making the selection, professional installers can quickly figures out what they need and get them through a supplier.

Damage Free

There is also the fact that inexperienced air conditioner installations may cause damage not just to the air conditioner but also to the property. In most cases, installations involve creating pathways, placing lines, and drilling holes where the air conditioner will be placed. If you are not sure what you are doing, you might cause damage that can’t be easily fixed.


Of course, there is also the fact that professional installation comes with insurance or at the very least a guarantee. Should problems arise during the installation, you can be sure that the company will be able to remedy the mistake they made.

Complete Service

Another great thing about choosing a professional service is the completeness of the job. Most professional installations leave the scene in the same way that they arrived. This means that all extra parts, removed items, Styrofoam, boxes, and the like are completely set aside, leaving only clean space in the house. This way, you don’t have to clean up after the installation.

Extends Life Span of the AC

Let’s not forget the fact that if incorrectly installed, the life of the AC can be quickly cut off. Although the unit may function well for the first few years, it can deteriorate faster than other AC units. Considering how these items cost nowadays, it’s in the homeowner’s best interest to do anything possible in extending the life of the product.

Legal Guidelines
Ultimately – this is one of the biggest reasons why hiring professional installation is important: 

Singapore rules and regulations have specific demands when it comes to ACs. You will want to make sure that the laws are followed to the letter; otherwise you might find yourself paying stiff legal fees. Compared to the cost of hiring an AC installation company, going professional is really cheaper than opting for a questionable DIY.

Quick Results

How long do you think it takes to install a conditioner? For most people, the procedure can take more than a day – especially if they are not sure about what they’re doing. For professionals, however, this should not take more than a few hours. This means that you can use the AC on the same day that you purchased the item!

Fortunately, most air conditioner sellers today offer an installation package. This means that if you purchase one of their products, you can have the installation done for free or at the very least, get a significant discount for your unit. Try opting for one of these companies for your new AC unit. If that is not possible, at least hire professionals to handle the AC installation so that you can reap the benefits above. Remember to check the credentials of the company before hiring their services.

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