Why Is Important To Have Regular Aircon Service

Air conditioning unit has become one of the necessities for every homeowner. It’s responsible for humidifying and cooling the temperature in the confined space. It therefore plays an important role in our lives and that’s why it’s always necessary to ensure your aircon unit is regularly serviced by a professional. Regular air conditioner servicing comes with many benefits, including extending its life, lowering energy costs, increasing system efficiency and preventing small problems from turning into big problems, which will need costly repairs. 

Here are some reasons why regular maintenance aircon service is important to the functionality and life of your cooling system. 
1. Increase System Efficiency

Regular aircon maintenance helps improve the efficiency of your system. In fact, when a professional technician identifies and resolves minor issues, your air conditioner will be able to work at its best, hence lowering your energy costs and increasing system efficiency while cooling your room more effectively. 

2. Lower Energy Costs

When your aircon unit is good condition, it will work more efficiently and effectively. For instance, a newly installed air conditioning unit it costs much less to run and works significantly better than an old unit works. This means maintaining your aircon system will definitely keep it functioning properly without any problems. This lowers your electricity bills and saves you energy as well. 

3. Prolong the Lifespan of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Without proper maintenance, air conditioning systems tend to loss about 5% – 10% of its efficiency annually. This means if you don’t service your unit regularly or at least once every year, you will end up spending much more on unnecessary repairs. Additionally, an aircon that works less efficiently need more power in order to cool the temperature in your house or office. Regular AC maintenance also helps technicians to identify and fix minor issues as soon as possible, keeping your unit functioning at its optimal performance. This also ensures your aircon system lasts longer. 

4. Save Your Warranty 

Many warranties always require proper regular maintenance on your AC unit, especially within the first five years. Even if your unit doesn’t have any problem, ignoring this important requirement may void or affect your warranty. If this happens and your unit has a problem, you will be forced to pay a technician to solve the problem that could been prevented. 

5. Prevent Costs of Extensive Repairs 

Typically, small issues are identified during regular system maintenance checks and can be fixed inexpensively and quickly. If small issues are ignored or go unnoticed, they will eventually become bigger problems that will require extensive and expensive repairs or a replacement of the entire system. 

Why Are Annual Aircon Service Checks Essential?

Apart from saving you a lot of money and also ensuring you prevent bigger issues with your aircon unit, having your system checked at least once every year can help it run more efficiently and better. Proper maintenance of an air conditioner is essential because it ensures humidity levels, air quality and your comfort aren’t compromised. 

During annual maintenance, the technician will be able to diagnose the system from the filters to the ductwork to check for any issues and ensure the system is working efficiently. A well-trained and experienced technician will identify and fix many issues in your air conditioner. For instance, they usually check for excessive wear or any damage to the components of system. They also inspect and clean every part of your equipment. 

The following are some essential aircon maintenance checks a professional service technician should carry out:

• Check and repair aluminium fins that can be crushed and/or bent when objects come into contact with them, hence reducing the performance and efficiency of your equipment. 
• Adjust and clean blower components and other parts to provide proper airflow in the system for better comfort levels. 
• Clean the condenser and evaporator coils of your air conditioner. Dirty air conditioning coils can reduce the ability of the system to cool your room and even make it to run longer than required. 
• Check for duct leakages in the central system and fix them.
• Check the thermostat accuracy and correct amount of the refrigerant and much more. 

After a thorough inspection, your aircon technician will be able to recommend or advice on the best course of action to solve any issues found. For instance, issues that may be addressed include, changing of filters, thorough ductwork cleaning, or any other maintenance that might be required. Additionally, your technician may advise you on the necessary steps you need to take in-between aircon service calls to ensure your system always works at its optimal performance. 

What Are the Risks of Not Maintaining Your Aircon Unit?

• Contaminants and pollutants in such equipment can cause, exacerbate, or contribute to several different issues. These may include sinusitis, asthma and allergies. These issues are often as a result of poor cleaning of the entire system, resulting in dirt, dust, and several other allergic particles emitted from the unit and carried around by the circulating air in your space. 

• Poor maintenance of your unit can result in health hazards carried by the air circulating in your room. As these systems are one of the most effective ways of circulating air throughout your house or office, this means that such hazards are spread throughout your room, home or workplace. It’s therefore important to hire professional aircon service technician to make sure your unit is in good condition to prevent such hazards. 

• When fungi, bacteria or viruses get into your aircon system, the hazards become even more severe. This means that various illnesses can be spread or caused by lax system maintenance that leads to microorganisms and contaminants being circulated in the air. Regular maintenance will ensure your system is thoroughly cleaned to prevent such hazards. 

Conclusively, the coils, fins, and filters of your air conditioning system always require regular maintenance and checks for it to function efficiently and effectively throughout its lifespan. Neglecting necessary system maintenance will ensure a steady decline in aircon performance while your energy use will steadily increase. Lastly, always make sure you hire a well-trained, experienced technician when looking for the best aircon service. This will ensure you reap all the benefits of proper maintenance of your air conditioning system.

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