9 VRV Aircon Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Air conditioners are an essential part of the building whether installed in the office or at home they play a crucial role by enabling a comfortable environment. Although air conditioners may appear as simple machines, their functioning is complex and most of the time they may break down or result in constant unnecessary cost due to a mistake we made during installation. It is ideal to follow the best practices during installation of the air conditioner, minor mistakes which we may not realize or just ignore are mostly the source of aircon headaches, best practices during the installation process may save a lot of costs and reduce the chances of the aircon breaking down. Constant aircon trouble like breakdown is something that you don’t want also; there you don’t want to direct all your money to fix some of the mistakes you made during installation that is why in this article we focus on 9 common aircon installation mistakes that you should avoid.

Aircon installation mistakes to avoid

1. Failing to consider new equipment technology during installation

The world is changing at a rapid rate; technology is keeps changing and every other day we have equipment that works better than what was there yesterday. In the world of aircon, technology is also changing fast and it every other day we have an air conditioner that works more efficient than what was there yesterday. During installation of VRV aircon most of the people will choose what they see their friends using or the same type of aircon they have been using without even considering the newer versions in the market, you may find yourself making this mistake often because you could have installed the same kind of aircon sometimes back and it “simply works”, opting for the new version is important as various components are usually improved like the energy consumption and effectiveness of air condition may be enhanced among other advantages. 

Sticking to the older models of VRV aircon may leave with the trouble of finding spare parts for maintenance, this is because as the technology changes most of the people will choose the modern version and the spare parts for the old models will be manufactured in small numbers and this might make it hard to come across a spare part or a component that is malfunctioning. During installation of the aircon make sure you check the latest models to increase the efficiency of your equipment and take advantages of the new features introduced in the newer models.

2. Letting your building contractor handle installing air conditioning

This is one of the mistakes most people will make, leaving the building contractor to handle the aircon installation. The work of building is very specific and most of the time will not include aircon installation of the aircon, although the contractor might have some knowledge in VRV aircon installation it is recommended you get an expert, a person who specializes in aircon installation and other related tasks. An expert in aircon will identify even the minor mistakes during installation and save you a lot of trouble that may follow; these experts will also follow the best practices during installation something that will ensure minimum breakdowns of the aircon, and this is something that we all want. Avoid leaving the work of installing the aircon to the building contractor; it could be a costly mistake.

3. Wrong Positioning of Aircon

As the aircon functions, it may seem like the as if the installation is quite simple and does not require much thought but contrary to this, aircon is a complex equipment that demands due diligence during installation. The positioning of the aircon will impact on the functioning of the equipment and the energy efficiency. Place the aircon in a shady position, placing the aircon in a cooler place will increase the effectiveness of the equipment and also it will also improve energy efficiency.

4. Not planning for maintenance or replacement needs during installation

During installation, it is essential that you consider the maintenance and also replacement needs. Not planning for maintenance needs of the aircon may result in challenges in future as every aircon will need maintenance, repair or even replacement sometime in the future. During installation of the aircon ensure that are the resources that the aircon might depend on are available and accessible.

5. Installing the wrong size

Bigger does not mean better performance it might just mean you will have to pay for extra power costs for no reason, smaller either does not solve the problems created by the bigger equipment. When installing aircon make sure to do a proper load calculation this will ensure effectiveness, you will get the results you are looking for, avoid installing just any size without the proper load calculation.

6. Choosing the wrong contractor

Installation of VRV aircon is sensitive, and you will require an expert do the installation for you. Hire a qualified personnel even if the cost might be higher it is well worth it as it means less trouble in future, avoid incompetent services as the whole installation process would go wrong and you end up hiring another person to do the job and losing a lot of money.

7. DIY

Aircon installation is not a DIY task, so many things could go wrong, therefore, seek for expert services that will guarantee the right and appropriate installation.

8. Failing to plan for future changes

Although currently the aircon may be functioning correctly it is ideal to plan for future changes as some years after installation you will need to upgrade the aircon by replacing it with a newer model.

9. Wrong Positioning of Thermostat

Ensure that the thermostat is not placed near a heat generating appliance because this may result in improper cooling and unhealthy humidity as well as increased energy consumption.

10.Failing to check for leaks

The level of coolant in the aircon system should be monitored during installation, failing to do this may result in an ineffective function of the aircon.

To ensure the aircon functions effectively and also ensuring efficiency in energy consumption you should avoid the above common mistakes that may occur during installation.

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