8 Tips When Installing Daikin Split Unit

The split unit of the air conditioners from Daikin are gaining popularity day-by-day among the people who want to live a comfortable life in Singapore due to its humid and hot climate around the year. Easy and space saving installation are the other reasons of the popularity of their split units. But still some of the technicians and contractors in Singapore find it difficult to install a split unit of Daikin air conditioner unless there is someone to guide them. Some tips are provided here under to help the novice contractors and technicians in this regard. They can allow the homeowners to enjoy the benefits of their ductless split AC after getting the installation information provided in this write-up.

Installation of suction and liquid lines: 
While installing suction and liquid lines the contractor must ensure that they are fully insulated. The liquid line is required to sweat away the expanded gas and moisture from the room while running the AC in cooling mode. So it must be insulated so that it can control the quality of the suction gas returned to the compressor. But after insulting these pipe lines you need not install sight glasses and filter dryers on the split unit of Daikin.

Installation of voltage controller: 

The voltage of split unit of Daikin ductless AC will have to be controlled between 115 volt and 230 volt. So for this reason the contractor will have to install a voltage controller as per the instructions given in the user’s manual supplied by the company.

Installation of the wiring connecting indoor with outdoor units: 

This wiring can be installed easily as the terminals at both the units, internal as well as external, are labelled exactly to join them easily. The contractor should match the polarities while joining these connecting wires for the proper working of its outdoor as well as indoor unit after switching on the AC. 

Installation of power supply line: 

The outdoor and indoor units of the split AC of Daikin will function properly by getting power supply of 115-210/230 volt. So it is necessary to install power supply cable between indoor and outdoor units directly without involving any on/off switch or junction box in between. 

Installation of cleaning filters: 

The split unit of Daikin AC includes three types of electrostatic filters to deodorize the air inside the room. The contractor will have to educate the homeowners about the importance and maintenance of these filters along with washing of the permanent filters of the unit along with installing them perfectly. The maintenance of these filters will help the homeowners to get contaminant and odour free air from this unit. 

Location of the unit: 

The outdoor unit of the split AC is designed to mount on the wall at least six feet high from the ground level. It supplies air through the vane at its bottom sucked in from its top and front portion. But sometimes some contractors install the outdoor unit just 18 inches higher to the floor due to lack of space. In that case you cannot blame company for improper working of the unit. Moreover no obstacle should be placed in front of the unit as it has to suck the air to circulate it into the entire unit. Any obstruction in air flow will also affect the temperature sensing ability of your Daikin AC. 

Installation of line sets: 

Several line sets are suggested by the company that are required for lifting and running both indoor and outdoor units of split AC. These line sets are to be used to attach indoor unit with the outdoor unit without involving any attachment between them. So, the outdoor and indoor units must be kept as close as possible so that they can be linked together easily with these line sets. 

Installation of application required: 

Certain applications have to be installed to allow your Daikin split unit work properly at the standard minimum ambient i.e. 67 degree F. If you have to operate it at below ambient temperature then you will have to install certain additional applications to avoid any problem to the compressor of your AC. Such applications may include crankcase heater, a standard heat pump used for this purpose. 

Weigh in the charge: 

The company offer charged unit as per the standard length of the line sets. Depending upon the length of the line set you will have to weigh and calculate the additional refrigerant you have charged into the unit, if you have to increase the length of line sets. 

While installing a split AC from Daikin the first thing you should keep in mind is the size of the room and the cooling capacity of the unit. If the capacity of the unit matches with the standard size of the room then the unit will take less than five minutes to satisfy the air temperature sensors through its cold return air. The process will begin in a cyclical manner by operating it back in just three minutes.

As per thumb rules in residential settings a split unit with 12,000 Btuh is sufficient for a600 square feet room. A split AC of this capacity is also sufficient for telephone server and computer room of 250 square feet. Similarly it can serve a commercial setting like office or shop of 400 square feet. In this context you should also keep in mind that the load of computer room will be slightly higher than other buildings as it will run throughout the year. So the contractor should keep all these things in his mind while installing a split unit from Daikin. 

Thus by following the tips provided in this write-up while installing Daikin split unit in Singapore one can easily accomplish the job, even if he is a novice contractor. He has to keep in his mind the capacity of the unit and the size and purpose of the room before installing the unit so that he can install the unit of appropriate capacity to provide effective cooling inside the room for long time. Any laxity in this regard will cause inconvenience to the property owner as well as its user.

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