Aircon Leaking? Learn How To Solve It

Is your aircon leaking? Then you most probably want to learn how to solve this problem. A leaking air conditioner can be very messy. Water that leaks from the air conditioner can damage the interior of your home. This is why you should have your aircon regularly serviced to prevent possible water leaking or prevent it from becoming a serious problem.

An aircon’s role is to remove cool indoor air and remove excess moisture from the indoor air. This is very important because it keeps the indoor environment cool and comfortable. However, while performing its role, an air conditioner generates water. The amount of water that an aircon generates depends on its operating efficiency, size, and humidity level.

How an air conditioner is installed also determines the amount of water that it produces. The water that an aircon generates flows from a cooling coil to its base, where it collects. Eventually, this water flows to its rear, and some of it is used in cooling its heating coil.

When an aircon is functioning properly, the remaining water drops from an opening at the rear. However, an aircon can have a leaking problem due to various reasons. Here are steps that you should follow to solve the aircon leaking problem.

Check aircon for water leaking
Check aircon for water leaking

Step 1: Adjust the aircon installation angle. 
When fixing a leaking aircon problem, the first thing you should do is inspect it to determine the window’s installation angle. The rear of your aircon on the outside of a window should be approximately one inch lower than its front.

This encourages the flowing of drips outside instead of indoors or on your floor. Therefore, if your aircon was installed at a wrong angle, adjust it, or call an air conditioner repair technician in Singapore to fix the problem for you.

Step 2: Check the aircon for ice build-up 
Ice can form if the cooling system of your aircon has a problem. Therefore, check the unit to find out if there is an ice build-up. Once ice builds up, it eventually melts, leading to water leakage into your house.

Several issues can cause ice buildup in an air conditioner. Therefore, troubleshoot its cause and repair the aircon accordingly or hire a professional technician in Singapore to troubleshoot the problem and fix it on your behalf. 

Step 3: Check for air leaks. 
You need to check your aircon to determine if there is air slipping in via cracks between the air conditioner and the window. When the cooler air from the outside meets the warm air from your home, condensation can occur.

This causes water dripping. It is, therefore, important that you check the aircon for air leaks. If there are air leaks, patch them using foam insulation. If, for any reason, you cannot fix this problem on your own, hire a professional technician to fix it for you. 

Step 4: Identify the buildup location for water 
To determine where water builds up or the pooling location of water, you need to run it for a while. If you notice that water collects at the front part of the aircon, then its internal channels for water could be backing up. You can solve the aircon leaking problem caused by this build-up by cleaning the channels manually or by asking an aircon technician to clean them for you. 

Aircon leaking
Aircon leaking

Step 5: Clear the drainage hole of the aircon 
The drainage hole of the air conditioner is located at its back. Obstruction of this hole causes backing up of water into the air conditioner, which leads to eventual leaking. Therefore, clear debris and dirt away in a gentle manner using a small object such as a pipe clear to remove the obstruction. If this fails to work, call a professional aircon repair technician in Singapore to clear the hole for you.

Step 6: Check the outdoor temperature
If there are a few cool days or if the hot season is coming to an end, outside air might be cooler than the indoor air. This is usually the case at night, and it can cause condensation as well as dripping. To solve this problem, you should turn off your air conditioner when it is not required. You can also use the aircon settings so that the unit can automatically turn the fan off when temperatures are below your preferred point. 

Step 7: Check heat exchanger or filters 
When filters or heat exchangers are blocked or dirty, airflow can be restricted, leading to the dropping of coil temperatures and the air conditioner’s eventual leaking. If the coil drips’ temperature to zero, air moisture will start condensing on temperature coils, and it can freeze, forming ice flakes that can blow out of the air conditioner, causing leaking.

To solve this problem, you need to inspect your unit and clear ice flakes on the coils or hire an experienced technician to inspect your aircon and fix the leaking problem. 

Clean dirty aircon filter
Clean dirty aircon filter

Step 8: Call a professional technician if you cannot troubleshoot the aircon leaking problem 
Perhaps, you wanted to solve the aircon leaking problem on your own, but you cannot determine its cause independently. It is important to note that although you can fix an aircon’s leaking problem, there are several risks involved.

For instance, you might be unable to determine the exact cause of the aircon leaks. This means that you will not solve the problem properly, and this can even cause more problems. In some cases, you can even damage your aircon beyond repair. Therefore, if your air conditioner is leaking and you are not sure the cause of the problem, contact an experienced aircon repair company in Singapore for help. 

Once you notice that your aircon is leaking, you might feel helpless because you might not know what to do. However, if you try to follow the above steps and the leaking continues, you should contact the leading aircon servicing company in Singapore. This way, you will have the aircon leaking problem solved professionally to prevent further damage to the unit or water flow into your home, where it causes more damage.

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