How Often Should I Service My Aircon

Life in Singapore is too familiar with the warm sunshine thanks to the climate. No winter, no spring. However, weather may become very hot and humid at times. This kind of weather is experienced in the middle of the year. An aircon has, therefore, become an essential appliance in Singapore as electric fans may not suffice to work to make the room cool albeit provide a good amount of air. The aircon needs to be maintained properly by buying service regularly. 

It is important to make sure your aircon’s coils, filters, and fins are maintained properly to enable it to work effectively at the time of service. If you overlook regular maintenance of the appliance, it will lead to a fall in performance which leads to guzzling more energy. Therefore, it is important to get aircon servicing regularly.

However, the moot question is as we used the word ‘regularly’ may not imply readers the exact amount of time that should lapse between to consequent services to the aircon. We will discuss it here briefly.

How often you buy the service for your aircon?

It depends on how you use the air appliance.

– If you use it every day, it is better to buy servicing once every two months. 
– If you do not use it every day and occasionally, you can buy servicing once every three months.

The air filter –
 If you fail to buy service for your aircon, the air filters, get accumulated with dirt. This obstructs the normal flow of air. This leads to an overload on the equipment resulting in more consumption of electricity. You will get heavy energy bills. 

Of course, there are different types of filers. Some of them you can rescue them, while others need to be replaced. The filters play a critical role in determining the efficiency of your aircon.

And, if the area in Singapore where you stay is dusty, cleaning the filters is critical. As the air filter is an important part, get the filers services each month. They should be cleaned and replaced when necessary.

Besides the air fitters, that other parts of your aircon that are important are the cooling pipes. 

The evaporation coil – 
The air filter can prevent dust accumulating on the evaporator. Yet, a certain amount of dirt still can get into the evaporator coils. This drastically impairs the evaporator’s capability to absorb heat. Therefore, it is important to get the evaporators coil cleaned.

The drainage system is also important in cutting down the humidity. The drainage tube should also be cleaned to prevent clogging up.

To get service regularly that is at a certain amount of time interval is essential. Yet, it is important to sense signs showing when your aircon needs service.

The compressor and fan system –
 These two parts exhaust over time. It will be worse when the aircon stops working and starts again and again.

Further, consider these conditions as well know it is time for aircon servicing:

Your aircon stops and starts working

If your aircon comes in energy saving mode, it may stop working when the home reaches the acceptable temperature and may start working when the temperature rises.

However, if your aircon stops and works again by shorting out circuit brakes or fuses, it is time to get aircon services.

Your aircon with energy saving mode continuously runs.

Though aircon is equipped with energy saving mode, yet you need to power it off manually. You need to get servicing. When the air runs even in energy saving mode means that the aircon’s ability to cool is down. Or, its temperature sensor is not functioning. By this, you get heavy energy bills.

The aircon has a thermostat sensor behind the control panel. The thermostat measures the temperature of the air coming into the evaporation system.

If the sensor is not in its position, your aircon runs continuously or erratically. Note that the sensor is to be near the coil and should not be touching it.

The air cannot cool properly

If the appliance is working properly, it may take very short time to cool the home to the desired temperature. 

If the appliance is taking longer than the desired time, it means it’s not working properly. Therefore, needs servicing.

Your aircon makes a lot of noise

Aircons that are new and in a good condition run silently. However, because of continuous usage, they may get noisy.

Less amount of air flow 

When the aircon emits less amount air via the aircon vent, it is time the appliance needs servicing.

Getting quality service

Once you know how often and when you should get your aircon serviced, it is important to bring the service. The best thing is to hire professional aircon services. That is most sensible. 

Aircons are heavy electrical equipment and it is not safe for non-professionals to handle them. You as a non-professional, do the service, odds are that you may get an electric shock or may render the appliance useless.

There are many companies in Singapore offering quality aircon services. Research a little on the Internet to choose the right one. However, when you buy a provisional servicing, make sure it covers these aspects:

– It should determine the amount of refrigerant accurately.
– They should detect any leak of refrigerant with the help of a leak detector.
– Check for any leakage in the central system.
– Catch hold of any refrigerant that has to be removed from the system. It is illegal to release the refrigerant into the atmosphere. 
– Measure the airflow in the evaporation coil.
– Ensure all electric connections are clean and tight. Apply an insulating coating. 
– Check the quality of the thermostat.

Thus, when considering how often you should get aircon servicing for your appliance in Singapore, the considerations are from different angles – how often you use the appliance. However, as it might be misleading, you should also keep a close watch how your aircon is working. This will help you get timely service for the appliance. It helps reduce the power bills to a manageable level, and you will enjoy an uninterrupted operation of the appliance.

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