How to Clean Your Aircon? (Updated)

Cleaning the aircon is the only way to increase its lifespan and cut on some extra maintenance costs. A well-maintained and cleaned aircon helps to save a lot in terms of money. It also helps to improve the efficiency of the air conditioner.

There are so many aircon companies in Singapore that offer aircon servicing, but for sure, it is a job that can be done at home without hiring a professional company. However, if these air conditioners are for commercial companies, hiring an aircon servicing company is the best option. 

Here is a step by step guide on how to do aircon cleaning at home. The steps include:

How to do aircon servicing
How to do aircon servicing

• Turn off the power

You can not clean the aircon around the home when the power is on since it is quite dangerous. Always switch off the unit’s power and even the switch that is found on the exterior end. It will ensure there is no flow of power, and the air conditioner will stop to function. 

• Get rid of the dirt and debris

Remove the fan cage from the exterior condenser. Use a screwdriver to fasten all the nuts on the air conditioner, then get out the fan. Use a vacuum dryer to remove all the dirt and debris from the fan. You can also use a wet cloth to wipe out all the dirt then leave it to dry. 

• Rinse the fins

Strip off the outer covers and brush the inner attachments using a powerful vacuum so that all the attached dirt’s are stripping off also. Spray water on the fins using horse piped thoroughly so that tough dirt can also be eliminated. 

It is not recommended to use a pressure washer since it can destroy the fins. You can opt to purchase a fin cleaning spray, and it can offer an impeccable service on the aircon.

Clean your aircon fins
Clean your aircon fins

• Make sure the fins are straight

The efficient flow of the air between the fins makes the air conditioner to function properly. Therefore, in case the fins have bent, then use a fin-straightening tool to straighten the bents. Always be very careful to avoid damaging the fins. 

• Clean the surrounding area of the unit

Fix the air conditioner once you are done with the cleaning. In case the surrounding areas are bushy and dirty, try to make the area as clean as possible. It will reduce the chances of dirt accumulation again. 

• Level the Unit

The condenser within the aircon unit can fail if the soil settles beneath it since it can rot. Therefore, it is recommended to consider using rot-resistant shims so that it maintains a good level. You can also seek aircon servicing from cleaning experts around Singapore.

• Work on Evaporator Coil

Open the air conditioner’s furnace, then strip off the foil duct tape and some bolts to expose the evaporator coil to the air. Remove the clouds of dust by use of soft brush and spray the area using non-rinse coil cleaner. 

Rinse off the foam using soap, hot water and a small amount of bleaching agent. The thorough cleaning usually prohibits the growth of vegetation around the unit. 

• Wash the plug of evaporator Drain

An evaporator drain is a pipe that is about one inch long. Clean the drain by use of a dry or wet vacuum. For an effective and efficient result, always remove the paper filters in the dry vacuum to avoid damaging the drain. Clean the drain line thoroughly, and this will inhibit the growth of vegetation. 

• Replace the blower filter

Clean aircon filter
Clean aircon filter

Always develop a habit of changing the blower filter at least twice a year. It is recommended to monitor the weather before doing so. The dry season is the best time to do the replacement. 

People living in a dusty area, they are expected to change the blower filter on a regular basis since it does a lot of work. To foster proper circulation of fresh air, develop the habit of doing replacements for your blower filters. 

• Switch on the power

Once you are done with cleaning the system unit, power on the system and try to detect if it is working well, in case of any problem, consider seeking technical assistance from aircon servicing experts in Singapore. 

How to Clean Aircon Filter?

The filters of the air conditioner help to foster its efficiencies. Therefore having them clean is quite important. The dust bags in the dirty air conditioner will prevent fresh airflow in the system and even in the house. 

Here are tips on how to clean the filters of the aircon so that it can be in good condition. The tips include:

Dirty aircon filter
Dirty aircon filter

• Remove Filter

Turn off the power and remove the cover of your air conditioner. Check the nature of your filters and consider if they are disposable. Disposable filters are never washed; instead, they are replaced. If they are washable, remove them outside the cover case of the aircon.

• Vacuum the Filter

Check the setting of the vacuum cleaner and ensure they are at moderate settings. Run it over the filters to remove visible specks of dust and dirt. The filters are usually delicate; therefore, be very careful to avoid the breakage of the filters.

• Sink the filters in water

Pick a large water tub, then fill it with lukewarm water mixed with a small amount of liquid detergent. Move the filters in and out of the water several times. Avoid using a brush to scrap the filters since they might break. Allow the filters to stay in the water for a couple of minutes for all the tough dirt to fall. 

• Spray the Filter

Get a spray bottle mixed with water and a small amount of vinegar. Spray the whole parts of the filters until they are covered with the solution. The solution helps to eliminate bacteria in the air to allow the solution to stay on the filters. 

• Use air to dry the filters

Place the filters to lie against the wall while the newspapers on the ground prevent dust development again. Allow the filters to dry using air for some time before assembling the aircon system. 

Once the filters are completely dry, place them back, and cover the system back to normal. Switch on the power and have a feel of fresh air free from bacteria as well as dust.

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