Aircon Servicing – Why Servicing Aircon is Important (Updated)

If you live in Singapore, you may have noticed that the climate is changing. It is getting warmer and warmer day by day. Hence, it is important to have proper working aircon. Aircon servicing is the process of cleaning and maintaining the air conditioning system. But many people here in Singapore do not value the process of aircon servicing. It is important to note that servicing and maintenance of the aircon influence the performance of the system. 

A clean and well-maintained system will provide clean air than one that is accumulated with dirt particles. Besides, a well-maintained aircon uses less energy, cools your room faster, and saves you money in the long run. Some people avoid AC service because they see it as a waste of money, especially if the system is working properly.

Below are some of the reasons why service aircon is important. 

Aircon servicing
Aircon servicing

Why Servicing Aircon is Important 

It is important for everyone to service their aircon. Keep in mind that the air quality in your room is determined by the unit. If the system is not working properly or well-maintained, the air quality will be poor. Your system will also have to work extra hard to provide good quality air. This means that the energy consumption will be high and the life-span of the air conditioner will be shorter. 

You should also think about the repairs or the expense of purchasing a new system. Moreover, you, your staffs or your family members may fall sick due to the low quality of the air in the room. Some of the benefits of aircon servicing are better performance, increased lifespan, more cooling, cost and energy saving, comfortable indoor air, and maximum returns on your investment. 

Here are some of the main reasons why servicing aircon is essential to its functionality and its life-span.

1. Servicing increases the system efficiency 

Servicing your system regularly helps to improve its efficiency. Even if your system seems like it working properly, regular maintenance is significant. Actually, when a technician recognizes an issue, and later fix it, the system will start working properly. This will also reduce the energy issues and also improve the aircon efficiency. It will also cool the room as required.

2. Regular servicing will lower the energy expenses 

 When the unit is in good condition, it will perform well and effectively. For example, a new unit will function better than an old system. Hence, if you can service your aircon regularly, it will perform well just like a new system. You will also lower the power bills and save you money. 

Save money with regular aircon servicing
Save money with regular aircon servicing

3. Servicing will prolong the lifetime of the system

Without good servicing, an aircon is likely to lose more than 5 percent of its efficiency every year. This means that you need to service your AC system annually to avoid losing the unit. Failure to service the unit often or at least once a year, you might be forced to purchase a new system sooner than later. You may also spend a lot of money on unnecessary repairs. 

Also, a unit that is overworking itself will need more energy to cool your room temperature. Servicing will also ensure the professional technicians recognizes and repair some problems on time.

4. Regular maintenance will save the system warranty 

Aircon warranty
Aircon warranty

According to most system warranties, proper servicing is a must for a specific duration. In most cases, you need to carry out regular maintenance within the first 5-years. Failure to carry out good maintenance means your warranty is worthless.

If something happens within those first 5-years, and you have not performed any proper servicing, you may be required to pay the technician involved. To save the system warranty, make sure your system is well-serviced. 

5. Servicing prevents expenses of extensive repairs 

Normally, small issues are noticed during regular maintenance of the unit. If the unit elements need replacement, this can be done on time. If some of the issues are ignored or are not noticed due to lack of servicing, they may become bigger and lead to extensive repairs. You might even be forced to replace the whole unit. 

Aircon maintenance tips 

To make sure your air conditioning system is working well, here are some useful tips for you. 

• Check the furnace filter monthly and for any blockage or leakage.
• Clean the filter to remove dust and dirt particles that might be accumulated in it. 
• Check for water leakage at the base of the unit
• Always cover the conditioner when you are not using it.

What are the major risks of not maintaining your Aircon?

Service your aircon
Service your aircon

If you do not service your air conditioner regularly, there are several risks involved. Some of the risks include:

* Pollutants and contaminants in the system can cause several problems

Apart from system issues, a poorly maintained aircon can cause asthma, sinusitis, and allergies. The problems are associated with poor cleaning of the whole system leading to dust, dirt, and other unhealthy particles discharged from the unit. 

* Poor servicing of the aircon can lead to many health risks.

 Since the system work is to circulate the air of the room, the particles from a dirty unit might be carried around the room causing health problems. It is therefore so important to engage a professional aircon technician to make sure the system is working well. 

* When bacteria, fungi, and viruses get into the air conditioner, the risk can be severe.

 This means that instead of the system benefiting you and your family, it might be causing health issues. Some illnesses can easily spread due to improper servicing of the system. Proper servicing by a professional will make sure the unit is well cleaned to prevent health hazards. 

Finally, the fins, filters, and coils of the aircon need regular care and checks. If you want your air conditioning system to function effectively and efficiently, make sure you do the right thing. Ignoring necessary care and servicing will reduce the system lifespan, cost you a lot of money, and even reduce the system performance. 

Always ensure you hire a professional and an experienced technician to carry out the services. They will make sure you lead the benefits of your aircon. Call us if you need help in servicing your aircon today.

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