How To Choose The Right Aircon Size & BTU? (Updated)

How to choose the right aircon size & BTU? Air conditioners are important appliances that we need to be installed to regulate indoor temperatures keeping homes and buildings. They make the temperature to be warm when it is cold and cool when the heat goes up.

There are many different aircon types in the market, and finding one should not be a daunting task. However, not all aircon brands and models depict high quality. It is therefore important to keenly review any aircon before purchasing and installing them.

Apparently, it has also been proved that the size of the air conditioner is significant. There are also factors that you are supposed to consider so that you get the ideal aircon size that will serve you appropriately. 

Mitsubishi, Daikin, and Panasonic, are some of the most reputable aircon manufacturers globally and are known to produce aircon’s that have high energy rating for efficiency. These brands manufacture aircon’s of different sizes to suit different functions. However, Mitsubishi has been preferred by many homes and industries in Singapore because of its sheer reliability.

Mitsubishi heavy industries have very popular in the air conditioning systems for a long time. The brand has been introducing modernized air conditioning systems to suit the present life. Most of their aircon units are not only efficient but also reliable and durable. To date, MHI aircon systems are considered the most energy-efficient in the market. 

Choosing the right aircon size
Choosing the right aircon size

Nonetheless, it is still important to review the different models and how efficient they are in reducing energy bills. 

How to select the right aircon size?

Most people get confused when it comes to the selection of the right aircon size. Others will opt for those that are large, thinking that the cooling effect will be better. The fact remains that oversized units are less effective and a waste of energy. An oversized unit is likely to cool the room quickly but leave some humidity behind. The result is a room that is clammy and damp.

Size is not a huge determinant factor when you want to select your air conditioner. All that matters is getting a good unit that will give the right cooling capacity in line with the room’s size. In essence, if you opt for a too-small unit, it may not offer the right cooling with efficiency.

On the other hand, an air conditioner that is too big will also not be good for a small room. It will only cycle on and off, translating to energy loss and misuse of power. Moreover, using a bigger aircon in a smaller room will also affect the unit’s ability to effectively dehumidify the room. 

As you strive to choose the right British thermal unit (BTU) for your room, it is good to consider other determinate factors such as the ceiling’s height and the type of climate. Apart from the room insulation type, it is equally important to consider the location and how much the room is exposed to the sun. This is the only way you will get the ideal energy-efficient cooling system to make your home as comfortable as you wish.

Installing the right aircon size
Installing the right aircon size

BTU rating number is significant because it will help you know how quickly or effectively an aircon stem can cool a room. These rating numbers usually range from 5,000 BTUs up to 20,000. As you proceed to select the right air conditioner for your house or commercial building, simple calculations must be done.

For starters, the size of the area where the unit is going to be installed is significant. You can obtain the square footage of the room by multiplying the length and the width. After this, it will be easy to get the right BTUs that you require using a BTU calculator.

Other factors that will also come in include nearness to the sun and the total number of people that are likely to be occupying the room. For instance, if the room is sunny, the BTUs are supposed to be increased by 10%. The opposite should be done if the room is located in a shady place. 

If more than two people occupy the room regularly, 600 extra BTUs are supposed to be added for each additional person. Also, the situation should be the same if the aircon system will be placed in the kitchen. In this case, the capacity should be increased to 4,000 BTUs.

The exact place where you are going to install the unit is equally of great significance. For instance, if you are going to install it at the corner of the room, it is advisable to look for a unit size that will distribute the air in the right direction.

Average cost 

Aircon cost
Aircon cost

Most of the air conditioners in the market have different prices, and size is one of the factors that determine the price. Also, most of them have a few drawbacks that you ought to consider before you purchase. Ductless mini-split aircon systems may have several benefits that include reduced energy consumption and durability.

Their small size also provides flexibility for zoning in-room heating and cooling. However, these systems have some concerning aspects, the main being a high initial cost of purchase and installation. A typical ductless aircon costs around $580 – $2,650 per ton of cooling capacity. This is estimated to be 30% more expensive than the conventional central systems. 

Besides, it would help if you had the extra expense of not including the duct. If you do not get professional installation, the handles can be wrongly spaced and increase energy consumption since the ductless systems are very delicate.

The wall units are also expensive to install when compared to the windows of central systems. Moreover, the indoor look includes additional collectors and lacks a built-in appearance seen in many central systems. All these factors should be considered bearing in mind the size of the air conditioner.


Most of the leading aircon brands are very reputable in the HVAC market and are known to be the most energy-efficient systems. They have the highest energy rating and also last for a long before any breakdowns. Use and maintenance are equally quite effortless. Nonetheless, all these benefits come at the expense of a costlier price.

Above all, the size of the system you select you always be in line with your needs. If you choose the ultimate quality, you must spend more money and use professional installation services. It is advisable to use credible licensed professionals and businesses to receive all the benefits mentioned above. This will ensure you get genuine quality from the manufacturers.

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