How Do I Know If My Aircon Needs Cleaning?

How Do I Know If My Aircon Needs Cleaning? Homeowners in Singapore spend considerable time ensuring that their homes are sanitary and clean. For instance, if you move your furniture and realize there is dirt and dust, your air conditioner might have some debris.

It is terrible to allow cobwebs, dust, and dander to accumulate inside your air conditioner. You should also know that mold can grow on your aircon filter and other system parts. In most cases, you might ask yourself, how do I know if my aircon needs cleaning? Here are the signs that your aircon needs a thorough cleaning.

How do I know if my aircon needs cleaning?

How Do I know If My Aircon Needs Cleaning?
Dirty air filters

One of the first signs that you need thorough aircon servicing is when you notice that the air filters have become soiled with dirt. That can minimize airflow through the system and make your air conditioner work harder than it should, producing incredible/hot air due to a lack of sufficient mesh area.

You should regularly check and clean your aircon filter and replace it when it is old or damaged. That can help prevent dust particles from clogging the system and causing damage over time. It is also best to clean the filter once every two weeks.

It would be best not to blow directly onto the filter as that might damage it permanently. Instead, you can use a vacuum cleaner or damp cloth to remove particles from the filters.

Foul smell

If you notice foul odors from your aircon, it could indicate something wrong. It might be easier to uncover the cause of the odor once you hire a technician to examine your system. For instance, the technician might unearth the smell emanating from a dirty aircon interior.

In most cases, the source of foul odors might vary. However, mildew or contaminated water can produce hard-to-ignore smells, and immediate, thorough aircon servicing can help address the issues. Further, you should know that electrical problems, including gas leaks, can contribute to severe matters leading to the smell.

Strange aircon noises

Most Singapore homeowners might need help discovering the link between dirt buildups and strange sounds. However, dirty aircon might produce noises that indicate that some parts of the system are not operating optimally. Ideally, dirt can connect your aircon fan blades, affecting their balance. As a result, you might experience an annoying noise, and the debris or noise cannot disappear until you clean the fan.

Suppose your aircon unit is noisy compared to the usual noises it makes. In that case, you might want to have it checked by an expert technician in Singapore because loud buzzing noises from your AC unit indicate something wrong with the machine, or perhaps its parts are out of place or damaged.

You might need an expert to check it out for you. However, noisy air conditioners might arise because of a lack of maintenance. Regular aircon servicing can reduce noise because it helps prevent dust from accumulating in the interior and exterior parts.

If the noise emanates from the fan, check the air filter for any obstacles that might be causing problems. It is an excellent excuse to clean it and remove some dust inside your unit.

White dust or foamy water in the drainage pan and evaporator coil
How Do I Know If My Aircon Needs Cleaning?

If your aircon is dirty and unmaintained, it will begin to gather dirt. That can contribute to issues with the cooling system. Suppose you do not clean the unit regularly. In that case, you risk clogging up your coils and fins, minimizing the cooling efficiency of your aircon, and eventually contributing to permanent damage to your aircon due to overheating.

An ideal way to prevent that is to clean the drainage pan when it is half-full of water. Check regularly for white dust in the drainage pan and sink that might indicate dirt buildup within. If you find any, clean it immediately.

A cloud of dust after starting up your aircon

When you switch on your fan for cooling, you will often notice a cloud of dust in front of you. That is because the fan has been used and needs to recharge. That happens because the compressor cannot cool the air until it has enough electricity.

Therefore, if you have an issue with your aircon not receiving cold enough or turning off too often, you might need to clean your fan blades.

Weak airflow

Air should move out of the ducts without any obstructions or issues. A blockage exists if the airflow appears restricted or does not exit the vents at the recommended levels. Understandably, dirt and other debris are caused by blocked air.

An inconsiderable amount might establish severe blockage unless you examine and clean the ducts; debris can accumulate to levels that contribute to problems. Notably, the ducts include part of the air conditioning system, so you should pay attention to them when conducting routine maintenance and care.

Warm air comes from the vents.

If warm air is coming out of the vents, that could imply that your aircon is too dirty or needs repair. That is due to a poor compressor, which requires you to regularly clean the coils and fins. The compressor inside your aircon is cooled by air passing through it, and if there is a lot of dust accumulating on top of it, it will overheat and stop working effectively. Cleaning your coils at least once a month can prevent such issues.

Electricity bills increases
How Do I Know If My Aircon Needs Cleaning?

Dirt can establish issues with efficiency, which might make your aircon overwork. The aircon should run for extended periods since an inefficiently operating system needs more time to cool your office or home.

Working with extra effort or running longer makes your aircon unit use more power. If you want to minimize your electricity bills, you can get your system cleaned by a professional cleaner.


How Do I know If My Aircon Needs Cleaning?

How Do I Know If My Aircon Needs Cleaning? Homeowners in Singapore should know that if their AC units are not cleaned regularly, they will see performance issues and no proper airflow, which can contribute to humid conditions inside their houses.

Therefore, one should have their units cleaned by experts regularly to keep them in appropriate condition. Most importantly, regular aircon servicing will help them save a great deal of money in the long run.

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