How To Do Aircon Servicing?

Want to know how to do aircon servicing? Aircon plays a crucial role in regulating the temperatures in a household. This makes it comfortable because of the conducive environment. However, just like any other equipment, it requires frequent maintenance.

Hiring a professional to do the maintenance can be quite expensive. That is why I have provided some useful tips on how you can service your aircon successfully.

How To Do Aircon Servicing? Before you touch anything ensure you have switched off the power supply.

Service air filters

How To Do Aircon Servicing?

The air filters are among the crucial components that you need to start with. They help in eliminating harmful bacteria and dust which improves the air quality. Therefore, if it does not maintain it you might develop allergies and other respiratory infections. Begin by removing its casing then the filter. Ensure you have a clean cloth and some detergents to help you in cleaning the filter. Once it is clean use a dry clean cloth and wipes it before fixing it. If you notice that it is faulty you can order a replacement from your local store.

Clean the conditioner coils

How To Do Aircon Servicing?

Have your gloves on and the garden hose pipe ready to clean the conditioner coils. Spray some water and use a cloth and detergent to clean the coils. After you are done cleaning leave it for approximately 10 minutes before rinsing it using the water from the garden hose.

Always remember to remove the coil guard before you start spraying to prevent the debris from being trapped in the fins. Additionally, clean the find using a fin comb and if you notice they are bent you need to straighten them.

Clear the ducts

How To Do Aircon Servicing?

Normally, debris and dirt tend to accumulate in the air ducts which can compromise with the efficiency of the aircon. Therefore, you should use a vacuum cleaner to service the ducts regularly. This helps in removing debris that had been sucked

Lubricate the fan motor

How To Do Aircon Servicing?

This is yet another essential part that you can’t afford to ignore. That is you need to lubricate it frequently to prevent it from making some irritating noise. To get started you will have to remove the cover and the fan to make it easy when lubricating the fan motor.

It is important to use the lubricant which is recommended by the manufacturer.

Clean condenser fan

The condenser fan is expensive to replace that is why it is important to do some regular maintenance. Once you open the unit you will notice the accumulation of dust on the condenser fan. The best way to clean it is to use a brush.

Recycle the refrigerant

How To Do Aircon Servicing?

Refrigerant plays a crucial role in the aircon. Therefore, you need to check the condition of the refrigerant and if possible you can change it. You should be cautious enough to prevent leakages of aircon gases into the atmosphere.

If you are not well conversant with it you can hire a professional if you need a new refrigerant.

Check the freon levels

How To Do Aircon Servicing?

If your aircon is in good condition then it should not consume a substantial amount of freon coolant. All you need to do is to check its levels because it indicates if there are any leakages.

Check the condensing unit.

It is also important to have a look at the condensing unit because sometimes it can get blocked thus compromising with the overall functionality of the aircon.

Clear the drain

How To Do Aircon Servicing?

Ensure the drain is always clean because if blockages occur then it can lead to excess pressure. Additionally, it can also contribute to the growth of molds on the walls and ceiling. Therefore, before this problem gets out of hand it is important to clean the drain. You need to have a cap to drain one side and use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the other side.

Do routine check-up.

It is important to conduct some routine checkups on the breakers, fuses, and thermostats. This is to ensure that they are functioning optimally and if there are any replacement to be made don’t hesitate because it increases the efficiency of your aircon.

How To Do Aircon Servicing? – Conclusion

If you are living here in Singapore you know the importance of having an aircon. Therefore, by doing regular aircon maintenance you will not run into mechanical breakdowns that might cost lots of money. Therefore, have a maintenance plan to ensure you do regular service and hire a professional once in a while to check if there are faulty parts that need replacement.

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