Tips For Aircon Maintenance And Signs To Replace It

When you have an air conditioner in your home, you feel relaxed because it helps you overcome the heat dramatically. However, have you ever speculated what will happen if the same aircon does not work properly and you need to find a solution? During the summer, the days tend to be very hot, which hinders the work of your aircon and leaves you no choice but to communicate with HVAC contractors in Singapore to get air conditioning. You can avoid this situation if you follow the aircon services tips that are given to combat the heat.

Aircon services tips overcome the heat.

1. Consult air conditioning professional.

It is important that each central air conditioning unit is checked, cleaned and controlled by qualified and experienced HVAC personnel regularly. The professional evaluation does not cost too much and at a reasonable price.

2. Have the aircon filters checked

The aircon filter is an essential part of the aircon unit, and it is important that to be checked for once a month and, if necessary, replaced it after a certain period. This is essential during the summer when allergens and dust are spread in the home. When the aircon filter is blocked, the unit will have to work hard to provide the same amount of cold air.

3. Avoid your AC from the sun

The air conditioning, when kept in the proper shade, can be operated more effectively. Of course, with air conditioning systems separated today, there is little chance of conditioning under the sun. Also, when the air is shaded in place, it tends to be colder than the surrounding air, which suggests that the aircon will have an easier time to cool the air.

4. Keep the thermostat away from the heat

Avoid placing televisions, lamps or other devices that produce heat near heat. This is because the heat regulator detects heat, which makes the air conditioner work for too long.

5. Find a programmed response

If you find it hard to adjust the heat regulator before going to work, consider investing in an intelligent or temporary heat regulator for the window device.

6. Consider replacing the model

The old air conditioner may not work properly and may no longer be effective. So, in this case, you can think about replacing it with an energy efficiency model. Also, nowadays, good ACs have an affordable price.

7. The weather – a good option

You want to keep the fresh air in the air and keep the warm air outside. Some basic steps related to climate can prevent air loss when cold air is required more than others. You can add insulation around the air conditioning ducts.

Signs It’s Time You Replace Your Air Conditioner

1. High energy bills

You will need a large amount of electricity to run your air conditioner, and if you already live in a hot area, it is clear that your operation at all times will result in a higher electricity bill. You may have used the amount of energy needed to operate your air conditioner after months or even years of use. However, if you realize a sudden increase in your bill, it is very likely that this is because the power consumption of your air conditioning unit is now less efficient than in the past. It often happens when your air conditioner is an old model, so you may want to replace it with a newer model to enjoy the low consumption bills.

2. CA repairs have become almost regular requirement

While it is necessary to contact your air conditioning contractors for general maintenance and regular cleaning, you do not need to contact them once a week. If you notice that you are connecting to air transport services more frequently than before, this may be a sign that you already have a defective AC unit and should be replaced immediately.

3. Strange sounds that come from your Aircon

The noise, noise or gargle of your air conditioning unit are often heard as signs that something is wrong inside. Air conditioning contractors who can verify the error in your unit can look for a solution to the problem. However, if you realize or notice that the noise keeps coming back even after getting many corrections, you will have to replace them.

Communicate with any of Singapore AC’s expert dealers, along with the above tips, can help you overcome the heat effectively and keep the air conditioner working well.

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