How To Save Money On Aircon In Singapore?

Approximately 40% of the air conditioner problems in Singapore are associated with irregular and dilapidated installation. Moreover, the inappropriate installation will eventually lead to the malfunctioning of the air conditioner.

It is very difficult to live a comfortable life in Singapore without having an effective air-con unit. However, if you know the tips and tricks of using the aircon wisely, it will not only save you money for the installation but also the time required since it will inconvenience you. 

The following are the major aircon tips and tricks which can assist you greatly in saving money that could have been used for repairing the air conditioner: 

#1. There should be a shade for the outdoor air conditioner 

It is hard to believe that putting an aircon under a shade is a very simple process. But, it will give the same cooling effect with less than 10% energy consumption. The fact that most of the experts suggest that it is one of the best tips for saving money. Therefore, you need to create shade for the outdoor aircon unit without blocking the airflow. 

#2. Curtains and blinds should be used 
When you encounter direct sunlight in your room, the inside temperature will be increased. Under this situation, the aircon needs to work more so as to reduce the internal heat. Hence, consuming a lot of electricity. In addition to that, direct sunlight will create temperature variation.

As a result, the aircon unit will start and stop after a short interval. When this process occurs, a lot of electricity will be consumed. Hence, using the blinds and curtains is one of the solutions to saving money that could have been used. 

#3. The thermostat should be installed wisely 

This is another tip which you need to apply as it will reduce the expenditure cost regarding the electricity. If you have a TV, electric bulb, or any other electric equipment which is close to the thermostat’s aircon unit; it will keep running even when it has reached the desired temperature. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the appliances which produce a lot of heat should be far apart from the aircon. 

#4. There should be proper maintenance 

If there is no proper care of the machine, you will not receive optimum performance. Apart from that, the consumption of electricity will be high. Therefore, you don’t need to miss the regular maintenance schedule of the aircon installed in your house

#5. The thermostat should be set high 
There is a common assumption that if you reduce the thermostat setting, you will get fast cooling. In fact, it will take the same time for the aircon to cool. However, it will consume more energy. When the thermostat is at a lower level, you will be in a position of getting excessive cooling. This will make you change the settings again so as to get a comfortable room. 

#6. The size of the chamber should be reduced 

Even though it might sound funny; it will save you a lot of money on the cooling just by the reduction of the size of the room. To achieve that, subdivide your room by use of a ceiling. When the room has been reduced, your aircon will be cooling a small area. As a result, a lot of money will be saved since the electricity used will be minimal. On the other hand, closed furniture can be used for the reduction of the size of the room in a very easy way. 

Why do you need to choose the best company for the supply and installation of the aircon in Singapore? 

Having a look at how you can reduce the cost of the aircon, the following are the major reasons why you need to choose an outstanding firm in Singapore: 
The experience 
The best firm has been working in Singapore for a very long time. The work which they normally do is to supply and install the air conditioners in Singapore. With all the experience which they have, the company supplies all types of homes including independent houses, HBD homes, and condos. Hence, the type of house which one has doesn’t matter as they can supply as well as installing as per the housing requirement. 

The trained staff 
If you have well-trained staff, you can stay in business for a long time. Similarly, the best aircon installation company in Singapore has competent staff. Before hiring an employee, they first ensure that they are properly trained and have the approval of the relevant authorities. Moreover, they keep the staff updated with the latest technology so as it installs the aircon in the best possible way. 

The quality work 
The company situated in Singapore supplies and installs the aircon at a minimum cost. That doesn’t mean that they compromise quality. If they realize that anything is wrong or doubtful, they will not continue doing the installation process. Instead, they replace the product with another one. Their policy is to make their clients different and better than what other competitors will provide. 

The original products 
The firm believes that the customers can get the original products without the need of having doubt in their minds. Nevertheless, they ensure that it has an
approved brand. The assurance of the quality product will keep you away from any dilemma that you will not get the best air conditioner. 

The insurance cover 
It is not completely risk-free to install an aircon in your room since some accidents may occur. If there are such problems, it will inconvenience you. The best firm in Singapore has insurance cover for the damages which they might cause. 

In addition to all these tips and tricks, it is also suggested that you conduct a home energy audit so you can utilize your aircon in an efficient manner. Also, if you have some gaps on the windows or doors, then fill those gaps as well because it also affects the cooling process and the aircon unit consumes more electricity for cooling. It is also important to look for a reliable firm mentioned above, and you will have the best air conditioner which will save the amount which you have since it will not frequently be repaired.

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