Should I Install Aircon System 3 or 4 In My 4 room BTO?

Should I Install Aircon System 3 or 4 In My 4 room BTO? Generally, all of us take air conditioning units for granted. You don’t give them much thought till the aircon starts breaking down suddenly, at which point you erupt into furious wrath.

So, until global warming truly vanishes, you’ll likely continue to rely on air conditioning systems to keep us cool.

If you’ve just received the keys to the new BTO or Build-To-Order flat, one of the very first things on your shopping list will be an air conditioner.

In Singapore, air conditioning is not a luxury, however a necessity if you’d like to live comfortably and have a decent night’s sleep. Considering that the air-conditioning system you choose will be permanent, determining which air-conditioning system is suitable for the new flat should be taken seriously.

Purchasing air conditioning for a BTO apartment differs from purchasing air conditioning for other forms of property, like private housing.

What are the differences between aircon systems 3 or 4?

Three interior units will be connected to one outdoor AC unit in the System 3 air-conditioning unit. The quantity of rooms where you’d like air conditioning determines which systems combo you choose. Therefore, in a 4-room BTO, when you want air conditioning on all 3 floors including the living room, you should most probably have a system 4.

Should I Install Aircon System 3 or 4 In My 4 room BTO?

This depends on the following factors in consideration:

  • Are you having issues with your Aircon compressor?

The first worry when installing air conditioning in an HDB apartment is, of course, space. To fit inside the flat’s interior limits, the indoor AC unit should be compact and stylish, while the outdoor AC unit has to be small enough to slip via a narrow window or limited capacity for quick setup.

In most HDB apartments, there is only sufficient room for a compressor, so installing a multi-split way to prevent overloading is a good idea.

  • Which space areas need AC?

It’s crucial to pick wherever you want the air conditioning installed: would you like your entire apartment to be air-conditioned or only the bedrooms? How many rooms would you want to have air conditioning placed in?

You’ll want a multi-split, quiet, air-conditioning system like the iSmile Series, which uses energy-effective inverter technologies to assist you to save resources and costs.

The size of the multi-split system you choose will be determined by the number of areas you would like to cool. In general, 3 components from a three-split unit would be plenty for a 3 room flat: one for the living room and another for each of the 2 bedrooms. A system 4 is suitable for a four-room flat, for example.

  • What’s the budget?

Naturally, BTO homeowners would be concerned about how much they will have to pay. As crucial as air conditioning is for comfort, you still have to stay within your budget.

With such a restricted budget, air-conditioning installation in some areas, including the master bedroom as well as the nursery, may have to be prioritized. It’s all right! Remember that you may always add additional air-conditioning outlets to the multi-split unit later.

  • What are the features to observe?

Other things to look for include a SMART system and outstanding after-sales service, in addition to energy conservation and a stylish design.

Some people believe that SMART systems are unneeded because of the additional costs, however, these systems could save you energy and money within the long term. This will be especially useful if you wish to operate and monitor the air conditioning remotely to keep track of your utility expenses.

The right system is indeed a SMART home system that allows you to operate your air conditioning from anywhere.

This implies you should use a mobile app to switch on the air conditioning on the way home as well as put a regular timer for this to turn off as you sleep at night. You could also see if the air conditioning is on or off anywhere at a given time, as well as track your air conditioning usage.

You also should look for an air conditioner that comes with outstanding maintenance and repair service. With movers, renovations, and contractors entering and exiting while you set in, the very last thing you want to worry about is finding a trustworthy third party to fix or service your air conditioning.

  • Assess the BTU

British Thermal Unit is a heat assessment measurement which is explained as the heat amount required to alter the temperature with one lb. of water with one degree F.

While the concept of BTU is complicated, estimating the quantity of BTU you’ll need for your room is surprisingly straightforward. Simply multiply the lengths of the room by feet by the room width in feet, and then multiply the result by 25.

This will provide you with the necessary BTU to appropriately cool your space. A basic multiplication is all that is required!

For example

The majority of the HDB rooms are about 5×3 meters. Converts meters value to feet. This provides us 16×10 feet which when converted to meters from meters. The numbers when multiplied together give 160 feet in total. Take this number and 25 is multiplied with this.

This provides us 4000 BTU with the formula above. For an HDB room, the aircon needs a cooling power of 4000 BTU. This calculation is quite straightforward.

Not all rooms and residences are made equal – some are on various floors, receive different amounts of sunlight, etc, all of which affect the optimum BTU.

Other Factors to Consider

Should I Install Aircon System 3 or 4 In My 4 room BTO?
  • The floor of the house– the dimensions of each room are different and depending on it, the aircon BTU varies. Along with that which floor your BTO is located for heat impact calculation.
  • Degree of Shade– How ventilated and how much shade in the room for better cooling.
  • Number of Persons- More the crowd, more the energy dissipation.
  • Heat Generating equipment– Heat-producing equipment will impact the cooling.

Should I Install Aircon System 3 or 4 In My 4 room BTO?Conclusion

Should I Install Aircon System 3 or 4 In My 4 room BTO?

Singapore is known for its humidity, and You can’t imagine how sticky and saturated with perspiration you’d be every day if this equipment weren’t set up at every interior corner. The air-conditioning industry is booming. Keeping the factors above in mind, you should choose aircon system 3 or 4.

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