Does Aircon Consume More Energy If The Area Is Big?

Does Aircon Consume More Energy If The Area Is Big? A bigger area indeed takes more time to cool. The aircon needs to run for a longer time to get to the desired temperature. Aircon energy consumption gets higher if it operates for longer hours.

The aircon size and energy efficiency is also an important factor in energy consumption. The aircon can consume more energy not only if the area is big. There are many more factors that can cause the aircon energy consumption to be higher.

Aircon normal cooling time

AirConditions normally take fifteen to twenty minutes to cool down a room. The air conditioner is good for an area if it takes this much amount of time. If the time required to cool is higher than twenty minutes then The room needs a bigger size of ac.

In humid areas, the Ac needs to run for a long duration to bring the temperature to the preferred level. A big area needs an efficient aircon to precisely work.

The area size and aircon energy consumption

Does Aircon Consume More Energy If The Area Is Big?

An unsuitable aircon unit can’t cool an area that is excessively big or too small. So the area size is fundamental to understand what unit of aircon can be accurate.

An aircon that is too big for your area will cool the area fast but it will fail to humidity the air properly. Similarly, a small aircon for an area will not be able to cool the area in time.

Calculating the area can be a good method to determine a proper ac unit. The total area of square feet is required to be measured. Then the total sq. feet is divided by 600.

In this calculation, a 150 sq. feet area needs almost a 1-ton ac. The area person numbers are also counted in the calculation. So a 100 sq. feet area divided by 600 is 0.167 tons. Then add 1 person per head as 0.1 ton. So A 100 sq feet area will need a 0.8-ton ac minimum. If the room area is fully occupied the Ac can still cool the area efficiently.

A 1-ton ac can use 1.2 kilowatts per 1-2 hours. The wattage and time consumption determines the entire kWh. The cost can be also assumed by this.

Outdoor temperature

Does Aircon Consume More Energy If The Area Is Big?

The climate conditions affect the aircon cooling efficiency. A humid place requires more time to cool down and balance the air humidity in an area.

In Singapore, the temperature is 30 degrees and above all the time. The weather also stays mostly rainy. The Ac demand to consume extra energy by operating for more hours.

Aircon positioning

Does Aircon Consume More Energy If The Area Is Big?

The aircon position should be perfect for an area. This way the air conditioner airflow will be better and it can cool the area sufficiently. If the position is in the wrong direction the airflow gets unbalanced. Direct the aircon in the occupied areas or rooms.

Thermostat setup

Setting the thermostat in a lower number can make the Ac run for longer to reach that number. So don’t set the number too low than the room temperature let it cool efficiently. After some time, the temperature can be lowered to a low number.

Energy-saving aircon

The energy-saving aircon can save a lot of energy consumption. The energy-saving tag on the aircon tells the energy efficiency. This tag can be used to see the amount of energy the ac is consuming. This tag has stars that explain the aircon is better than other similar alternatives. The more star aircon the better efficiency it provides.

Aircon for big areas

Aircon works according to its system and airflow equipment. For bigger areas, a windowed aircon or normal aircon might not work well. Some of the aircon that works in bigger places are listed below.

Cassette aircon

Does Aircon Consume More Energy If The Area Is Big?

This is mostly used in places that are big and closed with proper isolation. This aircon is elegant and fixed in the ceiling. This aircon can work efficiently in a large area with its multi-air swings controls. Doesn’t make a room or area look bad by consuming space.

The ceiling is used to distribute air fast and evenly. This way the area gets cool at a proper time. Also saves energy by cooling faster than a normal aircon.

Ducted air-con

This is the best option for any commercial area. For any place that needs a cooling system that can cool a big area effectively without much hassle, a ducted aircon can be the best option. This can be good for schools, colleges, offices, restaurants, shops or any other big place.

These places are often crowded and need air distribution better and evenly. So ducted air cools a place properly in that case.

Rooftop aircon

Rooftops are aircon that can work in an area with 52 degrees of temperature. The aircon is very hassle-free to install and performs indoors and outdoors. This aircon is specifically designed for places that are too big. Commercial places use this air-con to cool a large place effectively.

Floor standing aircon

Floor standing aircon is portable and easy to use. This is the best quality of this aircon. It also can cool any area ideally at any time. It can be placed on a floor and directed towards the desired direction. Outdoor places also use this aircon as it is a portable device. Floor standing aircon is also used in commercial places.

Minimizing the energy consumption

The energy consumption or power consumption can be minimized by following some steps. Buy an air conditioner that is energy efficient and proper for an sq. feet area.

Keep the area insulated so that the air doesn’t leak. If the air leaks the aircon has to run longer to make the area cool. Maintain your air-con by regularly running it and scheduled maintenance.

Does Aircon Consume More Energy If The Area Is Big?Conclusion

In today’s world, people need comfort in their daily life. An aircon provides that necessary comfort and cooling in most places. A home or house that is big uses a lot of energy from these air conditioners.

Energy consumption can lead to a higher bill. This is why people try to know how much they can save. To save energy use an aircon that doesn’t consume much energy, and also cools the area properly.

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