How Can I Make My Aircon Cool Better?

How Can I Make My Aircon Cool Better? An air conditioning unit works on exchanging outdoor air to the inside of your home after cooling it. It provides you colder air inside your home by taking hot air from outside when you set its thermostat at the desired level.

On a very hot day, you will have to set its thermostat at the highest level than you set it when the day is merely warm. In this way, your air conditioner will make your room comfortable to live in on a hot day whereas it will become chilly on a warm day in the same settings.

So, to cool aircon better you will have to care about its maintenance. Some tips are provided in this write-up to help you in maintaining the health of your air conditioner so that you can live a comfortable life when the weather is getting warmer.

Unblock indoor vents by vacuuming them:

How Can I Make My Aircon Cool Better?

The vents supplying cold air inside your home can be blocked with dust and debris and the flow of cold air can be obstructed. You can unblock these vents by using a vacuum. Sometimes these vents can also be blocked by furniture, toys, or blinds. So you should keep them from these vents to allow your aircon to cool your home better.

Clean around outdoor condenser unit:

Dust and debris can also accumulate around the outdoor condenser unit of your aircon. It cannot work efficiently unless the debris around its condenser is not removed properly. You can search online to know how an outdoor condenser can be cleaned. You should call a professional to clean your outdoor condenser if it needs a deep cleaning.

Keep heat-producing devices away from the thermostat:

How Can I Make My Aircon Cool Better?

The thermostat of your air conditioner will show that your home needs more cooling if you use heat-producing appliances like lamps etc. near it. Your air conditioner will have to work hard and run for a longer time to maintain the temperature inside your room to the desired level if you use heat-producing devices near its thermostat.

Increase the degree of your thermostat:

How Can I Make My Aircon Cool Better?

You can cool aircon better just by adjusting the degree of your thermostat by 5-8 degrees. You can automatically adjust the degree of your thermostat if you have installed a programmable thermostat on your aircon. It can also help in saving energy and money as it will adjust the temperature in your room when you are in it or away from it for many hours.

Clear drain line of the aircon:

Near the indoor cooling coil of your air conditioner, you can find a drain. It can be blocked with dust and debris which can affect the level of cooling the indoor air. So you should clean the drain by using chlorine-based bleach and a gallon of water to rinse it.

By keeping this drain clean and clear you can not only cool your aircon better but also save the basement of the unit as it can damage due to accumulation of water due to blocked drain.

Close the blinds and curtains:

How Can I Make My Aircon Cool Better?

On hot days you can allow your aircon to cool your home faster by not allowing direct sunlight to enter into it. You should close the curtains and blinds on its windows to avoid warming up the interior of your home.

Insulate ductwork if exposed:

If the ductwork on your air conditioner is exposed at some point then it can affect the cooling capability of your aircon. You can use UL-rated tape to seal leaking points in the ductwork. However, you can also use duct insulating materials of proper thickness to seal the exposed part of the duct.

If you cannot do it yourself then you must call a professional for this purpose.

Avoid using an oven or dryer in the room:

On hot days, you can cool aircon better by avoiding using a dryer or oven in the room. These appliances can add warm air into your room which will compel your air conditioner to work hard to cool down the temperature in your home.

How Can I Make My Aircon Cool Better? – Conclusion

How Can I Make My Aircon Cool Better?

Thus by following the tips discussed in this write-up can help you to cool aircon better if you understand the parts of your air conditioning unit and their working conditions.

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