How to Install Aircon for HDB?

How to Install Aircon for HDB? Air-conditioners are an essential item in most residences in Singapore. However, it is nevertheless a mystery to many of us. It is a fact that we know the fundamentals of choosing the appropriate Aircon for HDB.

However, we leave the rest of the job in the hands of the experts.

Below, we have mentioned some essential information regarding what to look out for on “How to Install Aircon for HDB?” So, let us not waste time and go through the article from start to finish.

1. The electrical supply rating of your home

HDBs come with restrictions in the Incoming Electrical Supply. In fact, older flats make use of a 230V/30A supply which is smaller in size. On the other hand, the more recent apartments feature 230V/40A. This enables a larger cooling capacity, such as having as many as 4 split units in one flat.

However, what about setting up an Aircon in an HDB constructed before 1994? For this, it is imperative to apply for a license for installing the AC. Moreover, you have to ensure that the model is within the supply ratings. There is a restriction to the optimum net running electricity permitted in each residence.

For example, the maximum Aircon current allowed for an older apartment is 8.5A. This implies that it is not possible for the combined input electricity to exceed 8.5A. Take the advice of an expert on the different types of Aircon models out there for your input current restriction.

2. Where will you install the AC unit?

How to Install Aircon for HDB?

There is no restriction when it comes to installing an AC unit. However, the position of the unit will be affecting its ability to cool the air. It is a common rule to position it in such a way that it is free from any obstacle. This will help the cool air to circulate properly.

If possible, stay away from setting up an AC unit in a room’s corner which has got pillars or walls. This is because it will prevent ventilation creating hot spots eventually. This can minimize the cooling ability of the Aircon unit, and it might break down easily.

Apart from this, make sure to keep the unit away from other electrical gadgets such as security cameras and routers. This is because electrical feedback might interfere with the signals on the system.

3. The height at which you are setting up the unit

How to Install Aircon for HDB?

Now that you have comprehended where to install the AC unit, you have to think of the height as well. The perfect height will be approximately 2 m from the bottom of the unit to the floor.

The typical floor-to-ceiling height of an HDB flat is approximately 2.8 m. On the other hand, the average height of an individual is around 1.8 m. Therefore, 2.2 m will be adequately high for blasting out cool air.

It will not blow in the face of people directly and will be adequately low for circulating cold air effectively. Any area which is more than 2 m does not require to be cooled. This is because hot air rises and cold air sinks.

4. Performing tests after installation

It will be advisable to hire a properly licensed expert for installing your Aircon unit. However, it is not going to guarantee you the quality of work whatsoever.

Apart from the main fan coil-split unit, also check the subsequent AC unit components at the time of installation. This will help to make sure that they are set up properly.

  • Refrigerant Pipe – The manufacturer should specify the length of this component. Moreover, it must not be excessively short for the refrigerant not to be able to expand or cool down. This can lead to a reduction in the capacity for cooling, and the outdoor compressor might become damaged.

    Verify whether the joints are glazed properly and also there is no crack.
  • Condensate Water Pipe – This particular component aids in draining the water away because of condensation. It should also feature a sloped gradient so that water is able to drain out effortlessly. Similarly, verify whether the joints are cracked or loose.
  • Position of Outdoor Condenser – On most occasions, there are supporting brackets for holding up the outdoor condenser in an apartment. Always make certain that there are adequate space and ventilation for servicing in the future.

5. Other details to consider

How to Install Aircon for HDB?

Lastly, never conceal the split AC behind a concealed compartment or a false ledge. This can hamper the performance of your AC unit significantly. These will actually act as obstacles which will prevent the cool air from circulating properly in the room.

It can make the Aircon unit work harder than normal.

How to Install Aircon for HDB? – Conclusion

Let us hope that this article mentioned above will assist you in installing your AC unit in your home. However, if you are not able to do it yourself, always take the help of a certified professional.

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