7 Most Common Aircon Problems

7 Most Common Aircon Problems. You must know some common problems in your aircon and the ways to repair them. So that you may not have to compromise with your comfort anymore. Aircon repair can be easy for you after going through this write-up.

Frozen coils of the evaporator.


The evaporator coils of your air conditioner work like a sponge to absorb heat from the air. They are filled with refrigerant. In order to ensure proper working of the evaporator coils, they must have hot air flowing around them. When a layer of ice starts building up outside the evaporator coils, there must be something wrong with them. Your air conditioner will start giving you warm air even if it is working consistently.

Low level of refrigerant.

Your air conditioner converts hot air by removing heat and moisture with the help of the refrigerant filled in it. You may not get cool air effectively if the level of the refrigerant drops due to leaks in its lines. In order to repair this problem, you will have to call an aircon repair service. Not only to refill the refrigerant but also to check and repair the leaks in the lines.

The problem in fans.


It two fans to blow the indoor air on the evaporator coils to cool down its temperature. And another to blow air over the condenser in the outdoor unit to take away the heat condenser coils. There can be several reasons for improper working. If any of these fans like lack of lubrication, faulty motor, too much debris, and dirt or worn-out belts. It is damaging not only for your condenser. But for the entire air conditioning unit also if not attended as soon as possible.

Dirt on condenser coils:

The condenser coils in the outdoor unit of your air conditioner expel the heat soaked from the air outside your home. But if it is covered with a layer of grime and dirt then it may not work properly. It can be due to increasing pollution in natural air. In such a condition, your aircon will have to work harder to cool down the indoor air effectively, which can be damaging for its other parts also.

Clogged drains:


The moisture removed by your air conditioner from the air is disposed of through a drain after collecting it in a pan. This water can damage the entire system of your aircon if its drain is clogged. It can also be damaging for your furnishings, walls, and ceiling as well as increase the growth of molds if the water collected starts leaking from the pan.

A problem in thermostat:

Your air conditioner may not work properly if it has a thermostat with old configurations. You can easily repair this problem by upgrading or replacing the thermostat. But if the problem persists even after installing a thermostat with the latest technology then there must be something wrong in its settings. You must check the user manual and follow the instructions to set your thermostat correctly.

A leak in ducts:


The air-cooled by your air conditioner passes through ductwork to reach each and every corner of your home. It may not be able to cool down the temperature of your home if there are holes in the ductwork to leak the cold air into the walls. It will not only be damaging for your walls but also increase your power consumption bills.

Repair of 7 Most Common Aircon Problems

All the problems discussed above can be repaired easily by taking some careful steps like:

  • Replace dirty filters to ensure proper airflow around the condenser coils to prevent their freezing.
  • Find and repair holes in the duct line by checking the entire duct line
  • Learn how to program the thermostat to avoid the proems cased due to its improper working.
  • Brush out the debris and dirt around the outdoor unit of your air conditioner to ensure its proper working.
  • Regular maintenance by a nearby aircon repair service to detect its faults and repair them before they become more problematic.
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