Is Aircon Dry Mode suitable For Use In Singapore?

Is Aircon Dry Mode suitable For Use In Singapore? Air conditioners are used in Singapore to improve the internal environment of the homes to stay comfortably in them. They can help in regulating the level of temperature as well as of the humidity and dust of your place to make it comfortable. For these reasons, aircon is considered more useful than fans in Singapore. Sometimes it becomes difficult to live in its hot and humid environment without an aircon. Most aircon has a number of features that many people do not know because of ignoring to read their manual. Dry mode is one of these features. In this write-up, we are going to discuss whether aircon dry mode is useful in Singapore or not. Before discussing the usefulness of aircon dry mode let us know something about it.

Is Aircon Dry Mode suitable For Use In Singapore? Introduction


Some of the most advanced and high priced models of air conditioners have this feature. This feature is normally used when the condition in the room does not change even after running the aircon at full capacity due to excessive humidity in the room. Humidity can increase the temperature inside the room as it traps heat and makes living uncomfortable especially when AC is not used. This situation can be controlled if the AC fitted in your room has the feature Dry Mode’. This feature can reduce the humidity inside that room. It can be more useful to use in Singapore in the rainy season when monsoon winds make the air additionally humid and increase the level of discomfort.

When to use Dry Mode?


When the weather is very humid as well as at night aircon Dry Mode should be used in Singapore to dehumidify the air inside the room. This mode can also be used to cool down the things by lowering down the temperature when it is too hot. This mode reduced the level of humidity mainly by filtering out the excessive moisture in the air.

Benefits of Aircon Dry Mode


Aircon dry mode reduces the cost of aircon operation and energy. It not only reduces the consumption of energy but also reduced the risk of health problems. You can be less at risk of allergies due to the healthy environment provided by this mode. It can prevent the problems caused by excessive humidity in the air like unpleasant and bad odors, and growth of mildews, mold and fungus.

Along with providing a number of health benefits dry mode can also help in controlling the population of dust mites growing on various surfaces and beddings in your humid rooms.

In this way, aircon Dry Mode can also protect the people suffering from problems like allergies that can worsen in a hot and humid environment. It can make it easier for sensitive people to live in Singapore by reducing the population of dust mites caused by humidity in their room.

Technical benefits of aircon Dry Mode


Along with protecting the health of people living in Singapore aircon Dry Mode can also prevent damage to the structure of the home as aesthetics and technique of the air conditioning unit.

In an aircon condensation can cause affect their functioning which can be costly to replace.
The delicate items like wood can get stained and metallic surfaces can wear out due to oxidation if the level of moisture is too high in a room.

How to use Dry Mode?


You should place your aircon with dry mode against the wall if it has a vent at the top. The other types of air conditioners should be kept away from furniture or walls to ensure proper circulation of air in the room. Silicon is used in the air conditioners with Dry Mode to filter moisture of any kind to reduce its level in the room air. This mode can work more effectively if all the openings including doors and windows are closed before switching it on. You can also use a portable air conditioner with this feature to dehumidify only one room at a time if your budget is limited.

Thus, aircon Dry Mode is suitable for use in Singapore as it can provide a number of benefits by maintaining the level of humidity in a household. Moreover, it can also help in reducing your energy bill by consuming the least energy to lower down the internal temperature of your room.

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