The Importance Of Aircon Servicing For New Aircon

The Importance Of Aircon Servicing For New Aircon. Since Singapore’s climate is rated as tropical, with high temperatures and humidity, having an air-conditioned living space is essential.

Many people know the importance of regularly maintaining their system’s air filter to prevent dust, pet hairs, and other detritus from flowing into the system. However, too many people put off having their system checked by professionals or may not even bother with it.

The Importance Of Aircon Servicing For New Aircon

The Importance Of Aircon Servicing For New Aircon
Why Is Servicing Important?

A regular maintenance check on the system by professionals is essential to ensure it runs as it should. It can also discover potential problems in the making so that they can be corrected before they become significant problems or even shut down the system altogether.

There could be a small coolant leak; a technician can only discover that. If the system tries to run on insufficient coolant, it will run longer and more often, trying to maintain temperature. This not only raises your utility bills, but it also wears out system components more quickly.

Also, despite the air filters, some debris does get into the system. Regular inspections can allow a technician to clean out the system thoroughly. Any dirt or dust will tend to stick and coat parts of the system, preventing it from working as it should.

Since moisture collects in the unit, mold can eventually form in your aircon. Mold spores can be swept in on the air just as dust can, and they will grow in the moisture that collects in various places in the unit. This growth can cause health problems, from allergies to lung problems, especially if somebody in the household already has a situation such as asthma.

If your system is newer, it will have some manufacturer’s warranty. Most of these warranties require regular servicing.

If your system breaks down and you haven’t complied with the servicing requirement, the manufacturer may void the confirmation, and you’ll be stuck paying for the repairs or replacement yourself, no matter the failure’s cause.

How Often Should the Unit Be Inspected and Serviced?

Opinions vary on this, but most urge that aircon be serviced twice or at least once a year. With our humid environment, our systems run much more than in other places, and servicing is recommended every three months.

The more these units have to work, the more likely that a part can wear out or be damaged by dirt and debris. A team not serviced can reduce its lifespan by up to 50 percent, meaning you’ll have to replace it far more often. It makes much more sense to care for it properly.

This period between servicing can vary due to the aircon model and how you use it. Using it all day and night versus just during the day or night in a particular room can make a difference.

Ask your technician what he recommends, as he knows your system and can give you good advice based on your usage and the condition of the unit or units.

Of course, if you detect anything unusual, it’s best to have it checked out before a potential problem gets worse. If your unit starts making an unusual noise, producing a distinctive smell, or is not cooling as usual, it’s best to get it checked out. Ignoring something small may lead to a part burning out.

The Outer Unit

If you have an external unit, it is just as important as the inner one. The external team pulls air from the sides through small fins called the condenser coil and blows the hot exhaust air out of the top. Grass clippings and dust can be drawn against those fins, clogging the openings and making the unit run longer.

Keeping the area around the unit clean and open will help remove any leaves or twigs that are likely to fall inside. The condenser fins can be cleaned with a hose when the team isn’t running.


As the unit works, the coils will collect moisture from the air. The water is in certain places and goes through drains, eventually channeling outside.

If these drain channels get too dirty, they can get blocked. Even if the track is not entirely blocked, debris can slow down the flow of the water, allowing mold to grow in the channels. Keeping them clean is essential to keep the water flowing as it should.

A blocked drain can also cause the water to go elsewhere, usually dripping outside the unit into places where you don’t want it to go.

What Does Servicing Entail?

Cleaning Filters

The technician will inspect and clean the interior filters, usually by washing them. He will also clean all the condenser fins. If they are filthy, he may use a particular chemical to dissolve the buildup of various kinds, including any mineral or mold buildup.

Cleaning Coils and Condenser

The technician will pay special attention to the condenser and evaporator coils, ensuring they are clean. If they are coated with dust or anything else, it keeps them from working efficiently. He’ll clean both if your system has an inside and outside unit.

Cleaning the Drainage System

The technician will inspect the drainage system and clean it out thoroughly. He’ll check for any leaks in the drainage system as well.

Systems Check

The technician will check the system’s major components to ensure they function correctly. They should include the compressor, evaporator, condenser, fan motor, and thermostat. He’ll also check the coolant level in the system. A lower-than-normal level may indicate a slow leak. If this is the case, he’ll track down where the leak occurs.

What Can the Owner Do?

The Importance Of Aircon Servicing For New Aircon

Keep Out of the Sun – This starts with installing any outer units. They must be positioned where they have little or no contact with direct sunlight. They should also be set where it’s easy to keep clean.

Keep Away From Appliances – The inner units should not be placed near kitchen appliances that give off heat, such as refrigerators and stoves. Even the heat from a computer can affect it.

Try Ceiling Fans – Ceiling fans can help lower room temperatures and help your aircon so that it doesn’t have to work so hard.

Turn It Off – Turn off your unit when you aren’t home. You can invest in a team with a timer or even an intelligent unit that allows you to control it from your phone. That way, you can turn it on so your home will relax when you arrive home from work.

Keep It Clean – Clean and replace filters regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but don’t be ruled by them. You may need to clean them more often if you live in a dusty environment or during the pollen season.

The Importance Of Aircon Servicing For New Aircon – Conclusion

The Importance Of Aircon Servicing For New Aircon

Aircon systems are just like any other appliance. They must be taken care of properly to ensure the best results for the most extended period. Since we depend on them so much here, giving them the attention they need is essential. Keep them in good shape, and they’ll keep you in good condition.

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