6 Aircon Energy Saving Tips (Updated 2020)

Want to learn some useful aircon energy-saving tips? Singaporeans can now relax comfortably on their beds after working extremely hard for the entire day. Many individuals in Singapore do not use aircon to cool their room because of the high electric cost associated with air conditioning.

These individuals can comfortably enjoy the cool air without paying high electric bills only if they are conversant with aircon energy saving tips. To minimize electric bills and energy consumption, below are 6 aircon energy saving tips in Singapore.

1. Prevent Cool Air From Escaping
A basement is always the coolest room. It is, therefore, the best idea to close all the vents in the basement. Cool air from the aircon normally slinks down making the well-closed vents to force the cool air to move up. It is advisable to close all your doors and windows to effectively use an air conditioner.

In addition, an individual can use window film, curtains, or blinds to block sun rays from penetrating to your room. You should also consider sealing all the cracks in floors, ceiling, doors, walls, and windows. The main reason behind this is that it will prevent cool air from escaping, which enhances the cooling of your room. This will, therefore, save energy consumed by your air conditioner.

Energy saving aircon
Energy saving aircon

2. Purchase Energy-Efficient Unit
Be it you are purchasing a central, portable, or window air conditioner; you should consider selecting a unit that is energy efficient. Before buying, make sure you check the NEA database of the aircon. A large number of air conditioner models available in the current market has a database that provides details concerning energy efficiency.

Always consider selecting an air conditioner with an energy-efficient unit because it consumes less energy, thus reducing electric bills. There are a good number of models of energy-efficient and eco-friendly units available in Singapore. This makes it easy to purchase a unit that suits your budget as well as your needs. An individual will invest more by purchasing these units, although it will save their energy in the long run.

Regular aircon servicing
Regular aircon servicing

3. Regular Service
Regular inspection and maintenance of your air conditioner is an important item to consider. You should consider hiring an expert so that your air conditioner can get the required standard of maintenance and inspection. If your appliance is poorly maintained, it will not only increase electric bills but also damage the entire unit.

Hire a reputed company because they have the required skills and experience in this field as well as advanced tools and equipment due to the ever-changing technology. 

4. Home improvement

Don’t spend too much money on cooling your furniture, which is obstructing the operation of your air conditioner. Rearrange your furniture to remove these obstructions or else you can change the direction of the vents. This helps in minimizing energy consumption which in turn reduces electric bills

Aircon and fan in home
Aircon and fan in home

5. Consider using a Fan
Many individuals consider aircon to regulate temperatures in the home, forgetting about low energy consuming units or supplements such as fans. Consider switching off the air conditioner immediately the room is cool and switch on your fan. You can even try to alternate the use of air conditioners and fans. For instance, you can use your air conditioner on odd days and your fan on even days. 

6. Changes in Usage
In case you are using a central aircon, it is advisable to buy the one with a programmable thermostat. The key reason behind this is that it will enable you to adjust the temperature, which concurrently reduces your electric bill.

To effectively reduce and save energy cost, consider to switch on the appliance at least thirty minutes before you sleep. Immediately the room is cool, switch on your fan and at the same time, switch off your air conditioner. This is because the cool air in your room will be more than enough to make you sleep comfortably. 

In Conclusion

The above-listed tips will help you save energy, which will concurrently reduce your electric bills. For effective maintenance, consider a reputable aircon servicing and repair company in Singapore.

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