Can We Reuse Our Old Aircon Trunking (Updated)

Can we reuse our old aircon trunking? Singapore experiences a scorching and humid climate throughout the year. And to get rid of this unbearable climate over there, installing an air conditioner is an absolute necessity. Thus, the use of air-con in Singapore is also quite regular or even daily.

The prolonged use of these air conditioners undoubtedly decreases the functioning ability of this system. So, it is essential to have a thorough servicing and maintenance of your Aircon. Often, your AC may also require repairing. For all these, you can call for one of the most reliable and professional air conditioner services.

Checking The Pipes & Ductworks

One of the most important things that a repair or servicing company checks first in any air conditioner is the pipes and ductworks. Pipes are the main parts where all the dust and dirt are accumulated. In regular maintenance and servicing, the professionals clean these pipes and clean all the dust and dirt accumulated over time.

If any problems are detected in your air conditioners’ piping system, it can be easily replaced. But this requires a professional expert who is well trained and licensed to do this work. So, while choosing the service, you have to be very careful.

aircon trunking
Aircon trunking

Can Your Reuse Old Aircon Pipe?

Gone are those days when the old pipes of the air conditioners are disposed of and not reused. They are generally changed when the air conditioner is replaced. But with the advent and rise of technologies, there have been a lot of discoveries. Now, these pipes of the air conditioners can be reused.

But there are some circumstances under which it can be used/ The new technology is used to clean the entire trunking system thoroughly so that the old pipes can be used again when the air conditioner is replaced. This will, of course, save some of your money to buy a new pipe.

But there are a lot of things which determine whether or not the old pipes can be used again. One of these factors is the amount of contamination that can be found on the pipe and another one which is also important is whether the pipe is in good condition.

These pipes are subject to tear and wear. Thus, it will be highly risky if the air conditioner pipe is not in a good condition as it will be prone to leaks. There are different air conditioner models and each model is a bit different in technology from others.

You have to ask for expert help from a professional aircon servicing company to guide you further about the dos and don’ts. The piping system is the most important part of any air conditioning system. It is the main thing which is carrying fresh air from one unit to another.

The decision to reuse the old pipes can differ depending on the condition of the entire pipe. If the expert examines the pipe and finds it in the right shape and good condition without any tears, he will further clean the contamination. Here, different technologies are used to clean the inside of the pipe. All the dust and dirt are cleaned from the pipe to make sure it can be reused again.

What Are The Main Factors?

As mentioned above, certain important factors determine whether or not the piping system can be reused when the air conditioner is replaced. Here are the elaborate descriptions of every important factor:

1. Extent of damage: 

Aircon piping
Aircon piping

The first and foremost important thing examined or considered is the number of damages done to the pipe. Since the climate in Singapore is always hot and humid, air conditioners are used throughout the year.

Thus, it is essential to ensure that the entire trunking system is in the right condition as the air conditioners’ continuous usage can do a lot of damages. If the damage is too much, then the pipe cannot be reused as it will not function properly. The expert examines the number of damages done. If the damage is not very little and can be used for a few more months or years, you can reuse it.

2. Technologies used by manufacturers: 

There are different models of air conditioners available in Singapore. Few models support technologies that can clean the old pipes of the air conditioning system and reuse it again. But some models do not support reusing the old pipes as it cannot be cleaned.

There can be other reasons for not reusing, but if you are using such an air conditioner model, you cannot reuse the pipe again while replacing. For this, you can do a few types of research about the model of air conditioner you have. This will give you an idea of whether or not you can reuse old aircon pipes.

3. Length and size of the old pipe: 

No doubt that copper pipes come in different lengths and sizes. Reusing the old pipes depends largely on the sizes. The pipes which are larger in size and are quite lengthy cannot be reused.

Thus, these long pipes are often replaced because of the difficulty faced during the cleaning. The air conditioning services face a lot of problems while cleaning these long pipes. They either cannot be cleaned properly or get damaged while cleaning. Even they are prone to more tears and wears while using than that of the small-sized pipes.


Reusing the old aircon trunking can save a lot of money as well as time. But it is also essential to understand whether or not the old pipes are suitable to be used again. For this, you need to call the best and most experienced air conditioning service in Singapore to help you.

A knowledgeable and experienced service can guide you properly on whether the pipes that are already in use can be reused. They have proper tools to examine as well as for cleaning in case of reusing the pipe. Make sure to call for the best service here with a proper license. Do all the researches necessary for that.

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