Tips On How To Choose Aircon For Office

Tips On How To Choose Aircon For Office. Choosing an aircon for the office for the first time can be a little difficult. After all, you would not want to pick an aircon that breaks down after a few days and you have to incur expensive aircon repair expenses.

Read on this article to find out the important tips on how to choose Aircon for office in Singapore:

Unit size

It is very important to consider the size of the aircon, as the bigger unit will be costly and might not fit into your office. It is advisable to go for a smaller unit first, and you can always purchase more units if required.

Brand name

There are many ongoing debates on whether you should consider brand names when picking an aircon. If we go by statistics, well-established brands have proven to have better after-sales services, are stronger in terms of build quality, offer better warranties, etc.

On the other hand, well-established brands cost more than unknown brands. Also, some office owners may prefer well-known brands so that they do not stand out too much from the rest of the buildings around them.

Therefore, before deciding whether to purchase an unknown brand, it is best to consider your office layout, where the aircon is being placed in your office, and most importantly your desired price tag.

Energy Consumption

You must choose a unit that consumes less energy. It helps you save money on electricity bills. However, do not just look at the consumption rate on paper, but also check if the unit has the latest power-saving features too.

Coverage Area

One of the most important ones! Aircons are never only considered for cooling offices down – you should think about their ability to heat up too!

A good quality commercial aircon must be able to both cool AND heat your room evenly at different speeds. For example, it can cool down your office in 10 minutes, and then heat the room to 25 degrees in 5 minutes.

Noise Level

This is important if you are looking for an aircon that emits less noise when in operation. Most good quality aircon has a noise level of below 65 decibels, which can be considered comfortable. However, do not expect it to be silent though…as the fan is always making some sort of noise when operating!

Easy Installation

There are lots of aircon in the market with low price, but you should not be deceived by its cheap price. Before purchasing anything, think about its quality too!

It is very important that when choosing an aircon for an office, it must be easy to install. If not, you will have to spend more money on the additional installation service fee.


Aircon maintenance is essential if you wish to keep your unit running smoothly and efficiently for the long term. Always go for a dealer who has experienced technicians with full equipment to do their job at any hour of the day or night in case problems arise.

Be wary of companies with no maintenance policy or staff. As they may disappear after the warranty period is over.

Durability & Build Quality

Tips On How To Choose Aircon For Office

Durability and build quality are two very important factors that should be considered when buying an aircon. After all, if a unit cannot last long, what is the point of saving money on your purchase?

Always avoid cheap but low-quality stuff – they will just cost more money in repairing or maintenance later! In addition, do not forget to check its anti-corrosion ability too!


Tips On How To Choose Aircon For Office
Tips On How To Choose Aircon For Office

Most people may not bother to check the warranty term but it is very important indeed. Warranties vary by product, so be sure to check its warranty period. It should at least have 2 years warranty for the compressor and 1 year for other additional parts.

Anything less than that is considered low quality in the market. For more information on aircon, you can always contact us here at Aircon Malaysia! We are experienced dealers who specialize in aircon(heating & cooling ).


Tips On How To Choose Aircon For Office

This is not something that you should neglect. Always research before buying anything, especially in the market for equipment like commercial air condition. There are several types of commercial air conditioning units out there, each has a different price tag too!

If you are looking for cheap deals, then please go to pawn shops or 9 x 6 dealers to get cheaper deals – but if you are looking for quality stuff with a good warranty, be prepared to pay higher prices.


Tips On How To Choose Aircon For Office

Always consider where your unit will be placed in your office. Different location requires a different type of aircon (i.e ceiling air con is not suitable for mini markets). The most important thing is its installation fee…how much does it cost? Usually, dealers will ask for a certain fee, so be sure to find out about it!

Company Reputation

Tips On How To Choose Aircon For Office

Always consider the number of years the company has been in operation before purchasing their products…after all, experience counts! Companies without a solid reputation mostly sell low-quality stuff.

If unsure, always ask for a company reference from their previous customers – but also keep in mind that those references may be bought! So, check with several references to find out about the long-term quality of their products.

Dealer’s Commitment

Tips On How To Choose Aircon For Office

The job of aircon dealers is to supply you with the product that you want (aircon) and ensure your complete satisfaction. So, choose your dealer wisely! And remember that “more expensive doesn’t always mean better!”


Tips On How To Choose Aircon For Office

The above are the most important tips on how to choose Aircon for office. Always do your research properly because it’s not just about buying a product but also the after-sales services. Also, always check for a warranty as it gives you a sense of security that your investment is protected.

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