When You Consider Changing Your Aircon Gas

Air Conditioner is one among the great equipment that assists to enhance our comforts while staying at home. Purchasing a new one includes huge investment and it is always a better idea to give a try repairing the old one if it worth doing for the cost payable. Also, having a regular practice of servicing and maintaining the Air conditioner is a good strategy to improve the lifespan and reliability of the equipment. Especially, when your air conditioner stops functioning, quite often than other reasons, it can be easily and quickly resolved with just re-gassing of air-con.

In Singapore, dozens of reputed air conditioner maintenance service providers are easily accessible to assist you with regular services and as and when required in a quick turnaround. While making such a choice of company, it is recommended to go with a choice that exists in the field for several years and can offer services like installation, parts replacements, service and maintenance. Let your choice of company must be a one-stop shop for all your air conditioner related requirements.

How to know that my air conditioner requires regassing?

Especially, during those scorching days, its general expectation that air conditioner should work immediately after switching on. Instead, if warm air blown out of the vent, it’s definitely a night mare. So, there are few signs that can help you to smell that your air-con gas has to be changed.

The first sign that shows change of air-con gas need is that the air being blown out immediately after switching on the air conditioner through the vent will not be as cool as generally it will be. In other words, you may not feel a difference in the temperature of the room even after switching off the AC.

Even if you are not sure about approximate date during which you re-gassed the air-con last time, then it is worth doing it. Also, there are many reputed air con service provider who will happily ready to perform a check up at free of cost.

Factors to consider while changing air-con gas

There are several factors that need to be considered while making a choice of air-con gas service provider in Singapore.

  • Overall services
  • Highly dedicated and responsible
  • Assured services
  • Pricing
  • Customer-friendly approach
  • Experience

Overall services

The choice of company you go with must offer complete end-to end services. They must be able to supply, install the aircon and as well as must be ready to perform service maintenance on a regular basis. Apart from changing aircon gas, they must also offer services related to filter replacement, cleaning procedures, ozone treatment, and thermostat maintenance and so on.

Highly dedicated and responsible

Choose a company who are ready to offer responsible and dedicated maintenance service within a stipulated span of time as possible. It is not necessary that you have to follow-up either for their regular visitor in case of requirement, as there are many reliable aircon gas service providers in Singapore who are offering top-notch service at an affordable cost. They must be flexible to stick on to your schedule time.

Assured services

A best of choice of aircon gas service provider will definitely offer guarantee for the services rendered. In order to escape from losing money, it is better to go with those companies that offer many years of warranty for the services rendered. As in odd times, if the air-con fails functioning within the warranty, as a customer you can claim for replacement without incurring any loss.


It is good decision to compare the rates being charged by distinct companies. In general, reputable companies will offer services for all customers at a standardized pricing rate. They may offer an extra discount for those regular customers. However, it is not recommended to go for comprise on quality for near to the ground price.

Customer-friendly approach

Pick a company that owns professional service providers who are ready to offer you with right service options understanding the distinct aspects of your equipment. They must be ready to clarify all your doubts related to the air conditioner. Importantly, such professionals must be trained and possess update knowledge.


Choose a choice of aircon gas service provider who exists in the industry for a quite long time. Several years of experience denotes that the company encompasses professionally sound technicians who are potent to handle distinct challenges included in the installation and servicing of your aircon.

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