When To Do A General Aircon Servicing?

Want to know when do you need to do a general aircon servicing? Earlier, summer couldn’t do with no air conditioner. But nowadays, aircon is no more specific to one season. It feels like our everyday life is incomplete without this man-made creation. We are using it so often, that we forget it’s a machine and needs maintenance. Imagine, it’s summer and you come back from work only to find your aircon not working. Now, that is a terrible nightmare for all of us. It’s a machine, a machine you use almost every day. Of course, it needs maintenance. It needs a general aircon servicing.

A general aircon servicing involves a thorough check up of your Aircon unit, diagnosing issues and fixing them. Now, the question is, when should you do a general aircon servicing?

It’s necessary to do it at least once a year. But considering how often we use aircon, there might be a lot of times when it calls for service. Well, we need to have maintenance done to identify minor issues and repair them, and to prevent a major breakdown. Here’s a list of times when you should do a general aircon servicing :

When your aircon produces a buzzing sound

When To Do A General Aircon Servicing?
Women can’t sleep because of noisy aircon

Do you hear a buzzing noise from your aircon unit? Do not push it off as a minor issue. It may seem like a minor issue but eventually would grow into a bigger one. The buzzing noise from your aircon is the result of a malfunctioning compressor and leaking from your aircon’s refrigerant. This will lead to no cooling effect from your aircon. If you let it stay that way then your aircon will face a breakdown in no time. Dirt might be the reason for the malfunctioning compressor. The general aircon service provides thorough cleaning and fixing of the leaking ducts and will also diagnose and fix other issues.

When your aircon produces a rattling sound

Noisy aircon

If there is a rattling sound coming from your aircon, it means a component in the aircon has come loose. This must be taken care of immediately, since we don’t know which part has come loose. This may cause a lot more issues, like, no cooling effect, hot air blowing, leaking from ducts, etc. The servicing will replace the loose part and fix the other issues.

When there is a leaking from your aircon

When To Do A General Aircon Servicing?
Aircon leaking water

When you spot a leaking from your aircon, it means the condensate drain line is clogged and the coils are either dirty or damaged. The condensate drain line is coils that remove the humidity from the environment. They remove it as water and when they are clogged with dirt, they leak. Leaking can be found in the surrounding walls. The service will provide a thorough clean up and also will replace the coils if there are any to replace.

When your aircon doesn’t blow air

No air coming out from aircon

If your aircon doesn’t blow air, it means that the aircon’s fan is clogged with dirt. There is a fan in the aircon unit that blows air and if you find your aircon blowing hot air, then the evaporator coils are dirty. Evaporator coils are coils that collect and remove humidity from the room in the form of water. If the coils are clogged with dirt, the humidity stays and the fan will blow hot air. In this case, too, a thorough clean up should be done.

When your aircon doesn’t cool enough

Aircon not cold enough

If your aircon is not cooling enough, it means the compressor is faulty. The compressor is the motor that circulates the refrigerant, which helps in the heat exchange process, through the evaporator and condenser coils. If the compressor is faulty, there would be no cooling effect on contrary to the very purpose of an aircon. Here, the general aircon service will replace the faulty compressor and also the coils, if there is any need to.

These are a few times when you should do a general aircon service. The aircon service, however, is not just for fixing problems with your aircon. It also provides general servicing for the whole unit and maintenance. Maintenance relates to the quote, “Prevention is better than cure”. You can always prevent a major breakdown issue, by seeking regular aircon maintenance. You wouldn’t have to end up dealing with a breakdown issue in summer.

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