How Often Should I Service My Aircon

Life in Singapore is too familiar with the warm sunshine thanks to the climate. No winter, no spring. However, weather may become very hot and humid at times. This kind

How to Clean Your Aircon? (Updated)

Cleaning the aircon is the only way to increase its lifespan and cut on some extra maintenance costs. A well-maintained and cleaned aircon helps to save a lot in terms

How To Plan For Aircon Design For Buildings

Air conditioning is the best option for most buildings in industrial and commercial environments, but you have to find someone with adequate expertise and experience to put together the best

10 Signs Your Aircon Needs Servicing

These days an air conditioner has become one of the most valuable and important appliances for an office or home, especially in hot and humid areas. In order to live

Aircon Servicing in Singapore

You have booked with a neighbourhood organization in Singapore to have your aircon framework adjusted, or plan to do as such in the precise not so distant future. The issue

Why Air Conditioning Is Important In Your Office

Air conditioners work to reduce indoor temperatures. Air is drawn into the air conditioner, usually through a fan mechanism, cooled and then sent out, lowering temperatures and humidity. For some

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