9 VRV Aircon Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Air conditioners are an essential part of the building whether installed in the office or at home they play a crucial role by enabling a comfortable environment. Although air conditioners

7 Aircon Maintenance Tips

An air conditioner coils, filters and fins need frequent maintenance for the equipment to perform properly on the whole of its years of service. Ignoring required maintenance make sure a

What Types Of Aircon Are Suitable For Office Use?

Aircon’s are commonly used in commercial properties like shops, cafes and other public spaces. Aside from this public spaces, aircon’s are also essential in small and large offices. Office workers

Step By Step Guide On Aircon Installation

Most people prefer to hire a professional and a trained constructor to install air conditioners but with the right electrical work, plumbing work and guidelines, it is feasible to install

Review On Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Air conditioners are the integral part of life for the people living in Singapore due to its hot and humid tropical climate. The temperature in this country normally varies between

Inverter Aircon VS Non Inverter Aircon

For many Singaporeans, adding an air conditioning unit to the list of your home appliances translates to an increase in the electricity bills. However, did you know that technology has

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